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Take Action and Lose Weight

Updated on January 28, 2016

Are You Talking About Weight Loss or Acting on It?

In order to successfully go ahead and lose weight you are going to need to change your behavior and take action. Other people will talk and talk about what they are going to achieve. You can be the one to truly win by taking action. In fact, you can astonish others by becoming more than they had ever expected out of you. People do have the ability to change and you can change yourself and lose weight.

Are You Sick of Yourself?

At some point we become sick of putting off our dreams. Nothing changes from day to day. This is because things do not change unless we change them ourselves. If we don't do that we become sick of ourselves. Unfortunately, if we are not going for the better and better in our lives we will actually sink and go in the wrong direction. Hopefully this isn't happening to you but if it is take heart: you can always turn around and go in the other direction.

Reclaim Your Self Esteem With Weight Loss.

Self esteem comes from keeping your word to yourself. When you continually tell yourself you are going to lose weight later, you eventually stop believing in yourself. Failing to believe in yourself can have some devastating consequences upon your life. In order to reclaim your self esteem you need to be true with yourself. Keep the promises you make to yourself.

Use Negative Motivation to Lose Weight.

This may surprise you but negative motivation really works for some people. Do you have someone who hates and laughs at you? You could use this person as a sort of negative motivator. It really annoys your enemies when you succeed. This is not a very spiritual or enlightened thing but it is a fact of human nature that competition can really work.

Use Positive Motivation to Lose Weight.

Positive motivation is also very powerful. Give yourself rewards and keep the goals small and manageable. It is important to feel successful and to truly be successful as well. Monitor your behavior carefully and give reasonable rewards to yourself.

Take action and get the weight loss reward. Stop hating yourself and reclaim your self esteem. Use both negative and positive motivation. For best results, do these things and you will lose weight and have a great deal to be satisfied with in yourself.


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