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Take Charge of Change

Updated on May 27, 2016

Today is a the right day to take charge and make a positive change in your life!

Art work by Cory Cannon
Art work by Cory Cannon | Source

Change is around us all...

Change is inevitable and surrounds us all. We can establish a routine. We can plan out the actions that we need to take. We can also either choose to go through the motions of our life or we can really live our life.

But what happens if you are not quite living the life that you had in mind? Would you find yourself going through the motions of living a less than satisfactory life, feeling somewhat unfulfilled? Or are you of the mindset to develop our future?

Find yourself needing something more out of your life? If you have decided to take that brave step towards finding a positive change and are willing to take the commitment to take charge and make a change, I am proud of you! You are not alone in your readiness for change! Do not let your life become a standstill point and have a life in limbo. You deserve more than that. So how do we go from here into the future? One step at a time.

You are the key to your future happiness and success! You just have to unlock the potential of your future!

Life sometimes will deliver us unexpected situations where we can sometimes feel a loss of control about the situation. But we are never really without some level of power with-in our own lives. Hope, dreams and planning are but stepping stones to making a change in the future.

Do you feel powerless?

One of the greatest sorrows is to have someone feel powerless over their future. If you, for some reason, are you currently feeling as if you have no power in your own life, there are steps, easy steps, that you can take to empower yourself. Maybe you are young and being dictated to by your parents. Or perhaps you are in a relationship were you are in the position of being the submissive partner (which is not healthy)... no matter why you are looking at taking charge of change in your life, you are very likely right in thinking that it is time. Time to create your power in your life or to take back your say and have control and influence over your future!

  • It is important to be decisive as you take control. Yes means yes, no means no and 'I don't know' is just a cop out that will give others around you the right to influence your moment.
  • Figure out just what you want, short and long term. Do you have a bucket list? A to do list? A wish list? Maybe it is time to create a fresh one!
  • Knowing what you don't want, is just as important as knowing what you do want

Be the change that you want to see in your future. You are worth it!

No matter how long the winter, spring always brings new life...


Take charge of our change

Ah, this could be the question of all time: How do we take charge of making change for ourselves?? First and foremost, I would have to advise you that you really need to identify all areas in your life that may require some level of adjustment. But how do we do this? Ever though of reviewing what it is that you really want as a starting point to figure out what it is that you don't want in life?

The 100 List

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The 100 List

Ever heard of the 100 List?? This list changed my life forever! Before this list, I was a bit meek, wouldn't always voice what I wanted and kind of just went with the crowd. Anyone who knows me today would be shocked over that description! This list gave me the power to focus on the direction of my life. It gave me hope and fuel and saved me from being just another drone walking the path that someone else designed for me.

So just what is 'The 100 List'? It is quite simply a list that you compile that truly consists of 100 things that you want to see, do, be, own, accomplish, etc.! If you want it, it goes on the list, even if you don't think that it is obtainable it still goes on the list! I compiled my first list about a decade ago. Things were financially tight, I rented my home, was uneducated, unfertile and felt like my life was being lived under a cloud. On my very first list I had own an acreage, have a baby and own chickens... all items that could have been on the moon, they were so out of the realm of my, then, current life. Know what? A decade later? I have them all!

Life is there for us to grab onto. We just have to be brave enough to take the chance on taking charge of changing our destiny!


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Can this list help you?

So are you wondering how this list could help you take charge of change? Consider it a long and short term business plan for your life. When I was first introduced to this list, it was actually one of my college assignments. Lets just say that I was not pleased with having this assignment come my way! I had paid all of that money to compile a list that (I wrongly thought) had nothing to do with the course that I was registered to take, I was mad, but I finished it. Feeling like it was a waste of time. There was no way that I could accomplish half of what was on that list! So I put it away, and thought that I was done with it.

Years went by before I saw that once dreaded list. It came into my hands for the second time while I was doing some spring cleaning. It was actually very interesting to review. Would you believe... I had accomplished about 25% of that list, with out even trying! That list became my motivation for the future. Almost a decade after the fact my first list is at least 80% accomplished. Some things didn't get done because they were no longer relevant to my present day life. Some are still on there because I know they will get done one day. Every few months I go to my list, take off what I have accomplished and find new items to bring it back to 100. This list has given me the personal power to take charge of the change in my life, and it is all positive based!

Do you have any tips to share about creating positive change?

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    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 2 years ago from Canada

      Believing in yourself and your abilities is very important. It is saying I can and I will that brings us strength. We are constantly adapting to change in our lives but we just don't always notice how successful we are at achieving it.