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Take a Fitness Challenge

Updated on February 29, 2012

If you're will is waning as February comes to a close, maybe you should choose an exercise challenge to get yourself back on track.


March in to health with a fitness challenge...

If you are trying hard to stick to your weight loss goal, but you are having trouble with the exercise part, how about trying an exercise challenge as motivation. It's the best way to find a workout routine you enjoy, and stick with it. Here are some exercise challenges to try to get yourself moving this spring!

1. Healthy Girl Adventures - This challenge is easy - for 30 days, pick a day a week to devote 30 minutes to exercise. This healthy blogger is encouraging baby steps as a way to rev up your exercise engine.

2. Weight Watchers - Visit the fitness challenge board to sign up for as many miles as you want to devote yourself to in March or any other month of the year. Just visit the Weight Watchers site in the "Get Moving Challenge" section to log in your miles.
Or, visit this message board to get support from people just like you -

3. Select a New Exercise for Each Day - Visit Bodyrock every day for a new video routine or exercise you can do right at home. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts as well as weight lifting ideas.

4. SparkTeams Challenges - Visit the SparkPeople website for SparkTeams and explore the weekly challenges section for motivation to get moving. You can also record your exercise minutes, or even keep a daily food journal or blog to track your activity.

5. Self Magazine's Drop 10 Challenge - Start getting customized cardio workouts, meal plans and more with this challenge that begins on March 13, 2012.

6. Try a Marathon or Fun Run - Look up marathons or charity runs in your area and get training. If you know you have to be in shape for an event, you're more likely to get moving on a daily basis. Visit to check out runs in your area. My favorite is the "Run for your Life" taking place in Atlanta on March 3rd (locations to be added) where you will run from zombies in a 5K obstacle challenge. You can get more information on that event here -
Or, check out other events in 2012 here:

7. Organize Your Own Fitness Challenge - If you can't seem to find a good fit, organize your own challenge. Talk to people at work, in your child's playgroup or daycare or your book club and design a fitness challenge that works for everyone. Whether it be walking, running, hiking or biking, you can find something that everyone will be excited about. One of my favorite things is the Livestrong Loops. Finds trails, paths and maps of areas you can explore and discover after work a couple days a week, or on weekends near your home.


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