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When That Little Voice Inside Tells You to Heed Then Listen

Updated on April 30, 2017

Rely on Your Head and Not Your Heart

We all want to believe everything is legitimate and that people are always good but it isn't and they are not. Listen to your head and gut
We all want to believe everything is legitimate and that people are always good but it isn't and they are not. Listen to your head and gut

We Have a Sixth Sense

Heeding a Warning

You drive down the road and a little voice whispers to you go this way instead of the usual way to go home. You don't listen and five minutes later you are in a terrible accident. Maybe you did listen and avoided that way completely, then later heard about the accident that you avoided. Some call it intuition and some call it God's voice but whatever it is take heed indeed.

Have you ever just had a gut feeling that something someone was going to do, would be harmful or end up in a mess? You warn them but they don't listen until it's too late.

Then we want to say I told you so, but you bite your tongue as to not add fuel to the fire.

Sometimes people can see and feel bad things way before you do and want to warn you so that you don't end up in an undeserving situation. Sometimes people have a way of knowing things before you ever see it coming.

Take heed to someone telling you not to do something if they think it is detrimental to your health, surroundings or your life.

Don't try to prove a point just because you think you need too. Many a folk have gotten more than they bargained for by not heeding to good advice.

Now I'm not saying that everyone is trying to give you good advice because there are those out there that will tell you something so they can reap the benefits and make you lose out, but if it is coming from someone that truly loves you and says "I don't feel good about this, then listen to them.

Nine times out of ten they will be right. I think for the most part families and spouses do not mean any harm by telling someone something that could in the end save them from something dreadful happening.

Take the time and listen to what you are being told. It may be the best thing you ever did in your life.

Listen to Your Inside Voice

Why We Were Given Gut Instinct

That little voice in the back of your mind that says don’t trust them, don’t walk down that alley, don’t go to that party tonight, and think twice before investing stock, isn’t just a passing subconscious. We thrive in a culture that believes rationality and prevailing scientifically proven logic rules over the knee jerk reaction to pull out of the parking lot or investigate a partner’s alibi. There are just certain feelings humans obligatorily follow without concrete reasoning.

Why is trusting your gut so powerful? Because your gut has been cataloging a whole lot of information for as long as you’ve been alive. “Trusting your gut is trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences. Situations arise and you have an instinct, you realize you had this instinct before, and it’s that much stronger your instinct gets sharper and more reactive. Then, when you experience positive outcomes, it creates a positive feedback loop. With time, you can comfortably defer more and more of your decision-making to your gut instinct.

The Science behind our gut instinct states in a study done in the UK that sometimes our gut instinct helps us but sometimes it hurts us also. We don't take that chance at a promotion because we don't feel we can do the job.

Unfortunately, gut feelings can also be silenced. When humans are forced or denied certain feelings during their prime stages of mental, physical, and above all emotional growth, guts can be faulty. A childhood hijacked by abusive or neglectful parents or guardians can create excessive self-doubt, irrational fear, or a clouded thought process, making it difficult to filter traumatic past experiences from actual gut intuition. Overwhelming stimuli can also make it difficult for a person to see the decision in front of them with clarity.

Women, on the other hand, may have a stronger ability to make a successful intuitive decision because of their exceptional skills in reading other humans. Female ancestors needed to evaluate a situation quickly in order to tune in to their infant and their environment for protection and survival. Their brains were trained with peak awareness because they were protecting a heart outside of their own bodies. Female brains therefore evolved to have a larger composition and ability to organize chunks of environmental information at a time, giving them an edge to read people. (medical daily)

Trust Your Gut

Use the Sense You Were Born With

Listening to yourself or someone else about a situation you are about to embark on, is not wrong. You might fight with someone that he is the right one for me and not listen and six months down the road he breaks your heart because he has been seeing other women besides you.

Don't be afraid to listen to your gut and head and never with your heart. Women are nurturers by nature. We were born to take care of everyone around us and sometimes we feel that a situation may not be right. Ladies go with your gut. Nine times out of ten your gut is right.

If you think your significant other is cheating and you have that instinct go with it. You have to learn how to handle the situation. If you start screaming at him as soon as he walks through the door then he will never admit it. Become a detective in silence.

When in doubt always check it out.


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