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More On Beating Panic

Updated on May 6, 2011

The Panic Loop

 In an earlier hub on panic, I recounted my personal problem of many years over flying and how ,eventually, I conquered the problem and broke free of the problem. Basically, most of my efforts focused on grim determination, trial and error and simple sweat, terror and tears.

Since then correspondence from others empathising with the problem, as a shared item, made me consider the whole position clearly and rationally, with a view to cutting out as much of the trial and error aspects.

If we think rationally, whilst seated in an arm chair, we have no problem. Move the chair to a plane and panic seizes the initiative. However, pause for a moment and think clearly. No panic attack ever left me any worse eventually than before it began! So that is a key element and leads us to identifying panic attacks as a clear 3 staged loop.

First there is anxiety which can build up both slowly or rapidly. Second is Fear, fuelled by the anxiety and third Panic itself when fear consumes all rational thought.

Now, I find that very helpful because it allows three areas to be managed as opposed to simply  tumbling down into the final abyss.

Taking Charge.

Identifying that has be fundamental to me and also being able to identify my own analysis with others. A Comprehensive explanation, with a video in the link at the end of this hub and will prove invaluable to anyone currently struggling to find a way through the panic maze.

Panic attacks are not mental illnesses or symptoms and thus we can all eventually gain control of that which causes us initial anxiety, builds to fear and ends with a panic attack that can be extremely distressing, even though you know you will emerge from it eventually.

As I say, by means of trial and error, I took charge of my problem but that is a time consuming way of dealing with anything. Currently, I am tackling claustrophobia and vertigo the more analytical way and hope for speedier results. You might do worse than give the same a go yourself


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