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Taking Care on Asthma Patients

Updated on November 7, 2008

Taking Care on Asthma Patients

Causes , Signs, Symptoms

Asthma is considered to be an allergic disease. In asthma, the site of reaction is the small air passageway and it is here that the reaction between antibodies and al­lergy (the foreign substance) takes place. The most com­mon foreign substances stimulating the allergic reac­tion are airborne materials such as pollen, molds, house dust, animal hair or feathers from pets or from pillow and mattress stuffing. Air pollu­tion is an aggravating factor. Food may also cause asth­matic attacks. Asthmatic in­dividuals are sensitive to fatigue, sudden temperature changes, and emotional stress. Asthmatic symptoms result from the interaction of seasonal and environmental factors.


Consult a doctor who will prescribe the medicine that can interrupt the aller­gic reaction and also directly relax the spasm of the muscles of the small airways, reduce the swelling of the surface lining of the passageways, and cut down on the excessive secretions of the mucous glands. The medicines can be taken by mouth or given rectally in the form of suppositories. Children with marked difficulties in breathing may require oxygen.


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