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Taking Charge Of Your Addiction To Alcohol

Updated on August 13, 2013

Take Massive Action

If you are one of the unfortunate people that ran up against the demons of alcohol, then taking charge of your addiction to alcohol is in order. Take charge and take responsibility of your addiction and your actions when it come to drinking alcohol.

Stand up to what is yours and not let your addiction run and ruin your life for not another second. Stand up for what is rightfully yours which is good health and living life clean and sober with no more burdens of your alcohol demons.

Live your life in a positive way and not let anymore negativity into your life caused by drinking alcohol. People that are addicted to alcohol strictly live with negativity each and everyday of their lives and use alcohol to ease the pain and discomfort they may experience in their everyday life. They use alcohol as a "fix all problems" solution in which never works.

Alcohol may ease the pain for a little bit until you sober up and the problem comes right back and in some cases twice as bad as the original.

We the addicted need to sit down and look at our own lives and see how we can improve it and one way is to live life sober and find long term sobriety. Once we have surrender to our addiction we will all be very surprised just how our lives will start to change for the better. We will start to get healthier and happier each and everyday from surrendering on.

Sobriety is a wonderful thing and if you take charge of your life and be responsible for your addiction to alcohol you will see just how great life can be living it clean and sober.

Take a good look at the pros and cons of drinking alcohol and see for yourself which will give you the better live you deserve. I tried that and found that drinking alcohol, although I loved to drink and loved the feeling it gave me, the cons out weighed the pros by a mile. There is nothing good at all about drinking and abusing alcohol. The only thing drinking and abusing alcohol will do, is put you to an early grave if we the addicted don't surrender and quit drinking alt together and forever.

Yes, I know it will take some real hard work on your part, but the outcome of being sober is well worth the pain and the struggle to get and stay sober. You need to work at anything in life for something good to come out of it. Nothing is just handed to us without some effort on our part, so make up your mind and start to take control of your life and your alcohol addiction and stop letting your demons run your life for you.


© 2011 Mark Bruno


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