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Taking control of Fibromyalgia

Updated on July 29, 2013

Fibromyalgia Diagram

Fighting Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a very discomforting condition; many patients cannot carry on with their lives because they are completely controlled by pain and fatigue. However, medical professionals say that this should not be the case; no matter how hard it may seem, one should never succumb to pain. Many patients place their lives on hold because they feel like every move they make will trigger pain attacks and exhaustion. But the truth of the matter is, there are even others who are still able to perform their usual routines like taking their children to school, going to work and taking care of their family. This is proof that there is something you can do about your condition; these people are still able to have fun and enjoy life because they choose to do so.

Overhaul your life, stop grieving and get up on your feet. There are many who suffer from depression because of extreme hopelessness over their situation and you don’t want to experience that. It is time to take matters into your own hands and do some measures to regain back your normal life. Most importantly, maintain a positive outlook and believe that you will get better.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Centers

Aside from seeking your physician’s help, it will also be a good idea to pay a visit to a fibromyalgia treatment center. If you’re wondering what it means, a fibromyalgia treatment center is actually a place, an organization or a group of professionals highly trained to address the needs of those having fibromyalgia. They offer different classes and programs that will help manage fibromyalgia. They will also make or plan activities and therapy sessions that will greatly benefit you.

Denial is a very common reaction among many patients who suffer from diseases and this is also the same with fibromyalgia. As a way of venting out this feeling, they often refuse help and advice from those who have more knowledge than they do. To overcome denial, one must learn to accept fibromyalgia as a condition that is debilitating but is highly manageable.

Fibromyalgia support groups

Getting all the help that you can get is the best way to fight fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia support groups are scattered everywhere from the internet, to social networking sites; you can easily get access from them. Support groups are organizations that are composed of patients who have the same condition as you. Although you have your family and friends who support you, nothing beats meeting people who understand what you are going through for the reason that they are also suffering from the condition themselves. You will be able to find new friends and develop a sense of bond with them. Support groups usually conduct activities where all the members of a group form a circle and share different experiences and frustrations. You are allowed to freely express how you feel and at the end of the session, all problems are provided with a solution and everyone goes home happy.

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Fibromyalgia Pain Hotspot

Multidisciplinary Approaches for Fibromyalgia Management

A new study from the Arthritis Care and Research claims that weather conditions do not add to the list of fibromyalgia triggers. Yet contrary to the study, 92% of people who have chronic conditions say that there is indeed a specific weather condition that affects their symptoms.

Dr. Ercolie R Bossema, lead researcher of the Psych Rheumatology Research Group at the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology in Utrecht University Netherlands, emphasized that their general findings did not show any evidence that would back up the long established assumption that specific weather conditions influence symptoms of fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Evidences of positive support to fibromyalgia patients are rather associated to weather changes than evidence against it. Bossema also mentioned that symptoms related to the condition vary from person to person, making it crucial to say that weather affects fibromyalgia.

Multidisciplinary Approaches

It is a simple no-brainer for fibromyalgia patients to focus on things that can help them get better than actually guarding what the weather would be like. Again as recent studies show, the weather doesn’t affect the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Heaps of studies show that fibromyalgia affects its sufferers’ lifestyles including work, social activities and even personal relationships. These effects, as how patients describe them, are extremely debilitating and hard to manage. As for this fact, researchers have then come up to a finding that fibromyalgia entails and is best thwarted through a multidisciplinary approach.

A multidisciplinary approach consists of management methods from physiotherapist, physician, nurses, psychologist and physical therapists.

One form of multidisciplinary approach that aims to relax fibromyalgia sufferers is music therapy and guided imagery. A study conducted by the University of Granada shows that a nursery room has the best tools and art of imagery and relaxation that have been proven effective in the alternative symptomatic treatment of fibromyalgia.

Listening to your favorite CD at home is also one of the multidisciplinary approaches that researchers are putting into action. Fibromyalgia sufferers who have been under this management show improvement on their symptoms such as intensity of pain, depression and anxiety. Well- being, self- efficacy and the overall daily life have as well been impacted positively.

The fact that the patients are involved in their own treatment and it was done at home has a lot of advantages. The easy implementation of the research as well as the achieved benefits in low costs is good enough for both the researchers and patients.

However still, the researchers said that further empirical studies are necessary to give light to other conditions associated with multidisciplinary approach and fibromyalgia management. The patients, as the most important variable needs to analyze his personal power and self-efficacy to get involved in his very own treatment.


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    • pratoocool profile image


      4 years ago

      Good information on this hub.

      Fatigue is a common problem with the current population and it causes other illness and symptoms that can be difficult to overlook. The regular cause of fatigue can cause restlessness and a proper rest and nutritional diet can relieve your fatigue. The stress level is also reduced by the resting and proper diet. The main concern is when this is not enough for the relieving of the extreme fatigue and you still feel drowsy and down. You must decide to take it seriously and look forward with an appointment with a medical practitioner.

    • pfech profile image

      Pamela J Fech 

      5 years ago from Huntington, IN

      Thank you. Nice HUB. I find music helps when I am down.

    • Neuropathy profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee Stevenson 

      5 years ago from Portsmouth

      Thankyou Matt

    • matt_elmore profile image


      5 years ago from San Diego

      Good read. And great advice for those that suffer from FM


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