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Take out the trash

Updated on February 9, 2012

Are you Ready

Giving up or giving in is not only sad, it's wrong. The easy way is to ignore our problems and the results of that are we find ourselves worse off than when we first chose to ignore our problems and substitute them with temporary fixes.

We must fight! We must stop struggling against ourselves; we can and will identify what has caused us to stumble and then we will take the appropriate action/s to eliminate the contributing factor/s that have led to our current state of sorriness.

The first step towards achieving any goal is to first ready yourself for the task at hand. The way to prepare must first start with a willingness to admit we have a problem and then to accept that what we have tried previously has not helped us to break away from our negative holding pattern. It may be that our method to escape from what has enslaved us was not wrong only our attitude was wrong and so again I affirm the first step as being one of admission. We must admit to defeat, defeat only as related to this battle and not the war. The war has only just begun when we give ourselves a fresh start as in new re-enforcements, new attitudes or ideas.

Out with it

No quick fix

We must develop new and more positive habits to displace the older, self-destructing ones. A big part of this equation has to deal with how we see ourselves. Are we too fat, too skinny, too whatever...Well the good news is we're in good company. So many talented individuals have had and/or have dealt with their own less than perfect attributes.

I wont mention any names, no need really; hell you even know of people who have been there and done that and yet you still wonder "How did they do that?" or "I can't do this or that." It is because we give in to what seems easier, at least at the time it seemed easier, but now we have a one ton boulder sitting in our laps.

We can't change for anyone except ourselves.! I placed a period and an exclamation point afterwards purposely, we must change the way we think and part of that change is to reboot our thought processes, we must become selfish, selfish to the point meaning we desire to change ourselves. That change needs to begin with what I'm sure you have heard before "learn to love yourself" now that saying is about as new as the dinosaurs, but it is true! Another saying is this old one, "If you fall off the horse get back on it."

Let's face it we try we sometimes fail; don't let failure define you. Many tries many failures the story of WD 40 comes to my mind, it took forty tries to find the right formula for loosening those tough nuts on rusty bolts. How many tries it takes to loosen that grip of fear from trying and failing is not important, you, YOU are what is important.

You want to be startin somethin

The hardest part sometimes is just getting started, so let's keep it simple if you have many goals you desire to achieve and start with one that you have a fairly good chance at accomplishing.Really, like in the case of losing weight, you can't expect what took years to accumulate will suddenly disappear in a matter of two weeks. Instead make and take smaller bites on that goal. say three or more pounds per week and before you know it, prest-o, change-o, a new you.

That is just one of many habits we want to change and with effort and patience, we will indeed accomplish them. There is an old saying of African origin: "How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Small steps remember and along the way don't forget to breathe and stay relaxed.

Take your time


Mistakes and goofs

Mistakes and goofs happen and as I mentioned earlier, don't beat yourself up over them. Do learn from your mistakes and do reward yourself for staying focused and on task. You know, like if you lose weight, buy smaller clothes and if you quit smoking save up to buy that TV you want.

When you can, please pair yourself up with encouragers, they are out there. Those who say you can't, are those who don't want you too! Make a journal, document, write it down, you need to keep some sort of record of your progress and even of non-successes. These are very useful in and of themselves, for one thing you can look back, if your feeling kind of in a slump, see where you were and where you are at now. There is absolutely no reason for you to NOT accomplish your goals unless you decide to not try. You can do this!

Yes you can



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    • noturningback profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      You know, I have even considered running for office, however, it seems to be a matter of who you can ally with that gets the vote into office and that is wrong and does nothing to accomplish the role of government, only of self-promotion.

      Seriously though, one day and perhaps in the not so distant future, someone else with selfless motives, someone with ideas and a plan to get them going will stand out from the pack and garner that vote.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      6 years ago

      Now if only our government could take your wise advice!


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