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Tale tell signs of menstruation

Updated on September 9, 2015

How can a man notice if his woman is experiencing menstruation?

There are lots of symptoms to show when a woman is undergoing her periods/menstrual cycle. Every month a woman will experience changes in her body during periods. These symptoms vary from woman to woman

Prone to sensitivity

Don’t try a mean joke on her that she usually laughs at.If you are cracking mean jokes while she’s on her period, then you are for sure going on a war path with her. Try to be sensitive to her sensitivity;avoid cruel jokes or pranks. She may be already irritable from the psychological and physical change her body is undergoing. Don’t make matters more complicated for her.

Change in voice

Cells from the larynx and vagina show similar hormone receptors. So, the hormonal changes induce the vocal changes that give away the women biology. The sound of a person's voice contains considerable amount of reproductive information. A recent study has shown that the voices of women on their periods tend to be less harmonic and heavier.

Men subconsciously judge whether a woman is in her cycle or not. For example, lap dancers get 80 percent more money in tips during their ovulation when compared to their menstruation.

She may be annoyed by your presence – but don’t leave her

You may act as a perfect partner, but still you’ll manage to annoy her. Even though you’re annoying her, she still wants to get the love and affection from you during the periods. Staying away from her will isolate her and make her feel unwanted. Unless she demands to stay alone, try to stick around with her.

She may look sad – don’t bother her

Sometimes a woman may just want to watch a sad movie. Don’t worry much about it, she may not be really sad, she’s just having her moment. When a woman induces her own sadness don’t scold her or repeatedly ask her why she’s crying. Instead, ask her whether you can do anything for her or let her to have her moment.

She may eat-out a lot and gain a little weight.

Don’t worry if she consumes a gallon of ice-cream or she finishes of a big bag of cookies, cheeseburgers and french-fries within an hour. She is not going to gain weight out of this excessive eating. This aggressive appetite will fade away once her periods are over. So, if you notice a small weight gain, she may be probably on her periods. Don’t compel her to do work-outs as it will make her further more tiresome. Women hate men when they tell her to do such things during her periods as it will make them feel worse than they already feel.

Following are some of the few common symptoms that can be found in women during their period:

  • Some girls get very emotional and cry a lot. So,crying more than usual that can be a sign
  • They may looks irritable, mad, upset, or bothered by almost everything.
  • Craving for certain foods like coffee, chocolate, cake,chips, etc.
  • If she says she’s tired a lot sleeps a lot during the day she’s probably on her periods
  • Eating out several pints of ice creams and threatens you if you try and take it from her.
  • You may notice a little weight gain from bloating/water weight on her periods!!
  • Excessive coffee drinking – Some girls may drink lots of coffee all the time. But, if the average amount is doubled or tripled, then she may be on her periods.
  • She locks herself in the bathroom for a long time.
  • When she goes for a walk in the park, most dogs, come and sniff her and barks.
  • Likewise, Bears are very good scent trackers. If bears around your area comes and start pawing the windows of your apartment means, then beware, they have got your girl’s scent.
  • She may avoid swimming, in the pool or in the beach. She will definitely avoid swimming the beach since Sharks smell blood easily and all women are afraid of Sharks

If you know that your woman is in her periods

  1. Make her feel good about herself
  2. Help her out with things
  3. Comfort her
  4. Make her feel loved and appreciated
  5. Don't act disgusted


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