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Talking Bathroom Scales - Speaking Bath Scales For The Blind

Updated on February 24, 2012

Whilst just about anyone can benefit from hearing their weight spoken rather than having to bend over to read the dial, these types of speaking weight scales are especially useful for blind people or those with other forms of visual imparement.

Talking bathroom scales which speak your weight eliminate the need to see the dial which is the main area where both the elderly and those with poor, or no vision, have issues with bathroom weight machines.

The problem with most personal weighing machines is the dial or digital display is positioned between the user's toes. Great, if you can see your toes in the first place! Reading the display can mean awkward bending and leaning which can cause overbalancing, dangerous sliding of the machine on slippery tiles or just inaccurate readings as you tilt off balance to see the display, displacing weight poorly across the foot plate.

Bathroom scales that talk speak you your weight out loud, which is safer and more accessible to all.

Some Of The Best Talking Bathroom Scales

Talking Bath Scale Buying Tips

Portable bathroom scales are pretty similar in many ways but there are some things to consider when you are buying one for yourself or for someone else.

Firstly, they all have a maximum weight capacity which should not be ignored. Typically, this is over 300lbs but in some of the cheap bathroom scales this might be quite a bit less. Either way, if the bath scale manufacturer says the max weight is 300lbs you don't want to push it to its breaking point either so opt for at least a 25lb leeway.

Secondly, you will be chosing between analog weighing machines and digital weight machines. If you are looking for ones which speak then you are limited to a talking digital scale as I have seen very few (ok, make that none) analog dial models with speech technology.

Thirdly, you want a talking weight machine with a loud, clear voice or the chances are, that'll be the next complaint...I can't see the dial and I can't hear it speak either! One of the worries some people have is that their machine will yell their weight out for everyone else around to hear, that's rarely a problem, but if your hearing is going along with your sight, then be sure your machine is loud and clear or at least has a volume adjustment.

Finally, for now, you will still want to look at all the other things which buying a regular weighing machine would have you looking at. There are quite a few choices on the market for a spea king weight machine so you do not have to jump on the first model you see even if you think it is ugly, or it doesn't have the features you desire. Just as you can find attractive regular bathroom weighing scales, so can you find talking ones with the same pleasing aesthetics as well as the same added features like previous weight memory, large dial displays, measurement in pounds and ounces or in metric kilograms and so on.

Who Are Talking Scales For?

Anyone can use these as they are very convenient even for the able bodied, but they're especially useful for those with weak eyesight, anyone with poor balance, older people and the disabled.

How Accurate Are Talking Digital Bathroom Scales?

Digital bathroom scales can be inaccurate up to 1% or higher of the user's body weight. This is why when you jump on and off the scales you sometimes see different readings. Arguably, knowing your exact precise weight measurement isn't as important as knowing you have lost weight relative to your previous weight, it's still nice to get what you paid for - a machine which tells you your weight, not an estimate of it!

You can improve the accuracy of any of these, including talking bathroom scales by following the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer. Your scale should always be placed on a hard, flat surface. This is the most important part to find the most accurate bath scale as instability or the kind of cushioning you receive from a carpet or bathrug, is guaranteed to screw up the precision of the weight reading. Bathroom Scales and carpets do not mix well.

You can also opt for a better quality talking bath room scale in the first place and read user reviews and professional ratings to get a better idea of which are the best bathroom scales.


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