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Tantric massage and erectile dysfunction

Updated on March 11, 2016

There is a thing every male would rather avoid to brag about. This condition is defined by sexologists as erectile dysfunction. These words describe the situation when there is no erection appears, or it is impossible to keep it. Some of the cases are connected with unsuccessful rehabilitation after surgical intervention, or genital infections, or diabetes-related pathologies. All these cases are “strictly medical”. We work with psychosomatic phenomena, so-called psychological erectile dysfunction. What is the difference between these two groups? Briefly, in the case of psychological ED it is transitory, so it may appear and disappear. One can think of this if everything’s fine when one is on one’s own, but things get worse in the company of one’s partner. If ED follows each and every attempt, then it is worthy to have some traditional medical check-up. So, talking on psychosomatics, we always turn ourselves towards our mind, seeing mental states as the reason for our current physical condition, and our physical condition as a factor continuously acting upon our mind. Scientists define 3 principle reasons of ED. First, it is performance anxiety (a person is going to realize a sexual act at the highest ever possible level of performance, and because of this overresponsibility simply afraid to do that). Second, impulse control (when a person estimates one’s sexual powers as destructive to his partner, controlling it). Third case is a reaction on some situative dysfunction (one doesn’t want sex with a patner for some reasons, but anyway has it). What we suggest in such cases? As the people are mostly tensed, it seems useful to relax them first applying the sensate focus technique by Master&Johnson. This method makes patients aware bodily aspects of relations. Giving and receiving conscious touches during the sessions of superficial massage the people are getting acquainted with their own reactions. When this stage is passed, it’s time to shift one’s focus to erotic massage. It will bring them new levels of pleasure. Here it’s worthy remembering that the results might not be immediate, then some space should appear first, while one’ s staying relaxed as much as possible. Also we suggest some breathing techniques to transform usual breathing that is stressed and tighten into deep and very relaxed breathing, which one can direct to any part of one’s body. Among other, we highly recommend the strongest method of relxation, anal massage. We practice it broadly and it is proven by our experience that this technique application might bring relaxation to all the body, because this zone is a key point of pleasure in human body. There are even more ways of ED correction we can present for our visitors. To know more you may order a session with bodily sex pedagogue or sexological bodyworker. They will surely teach you how to make your sexual life harmonious and inspiring, making your partner happy. We perform our sessions in easy, friendly and involving atmosphere, that’s why so many people like us so much.

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