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Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Updated on March 9, 2010

A yeast infection occurs mainly when the bacterial balance in the body is interfered with. There are many ways this occurs and one of them is by taking the oral contraceptives and pregnancy. There are also some precursors to the bacterial imbalance and these include hormone replacement therapy and any treatments that have been under taken for fertility. The long-term use or over use of antibiotics could also be a contributory factor for the yeast infection. There are many ways to treat this and one of them is the tea tree oil yeast infection.

The use of tea tree oil to reduce infection is beneficial because first and for most this is a natural remedy. No matter the condition a person is suffering from natural remedies are the best. The tea tree oil is a good option as it fights the fungi that have formed for one reason or another in the system. The main way tea tree oil works is by blending with the skins natural oils. Once this occurs then the healing process can then begin. The tea tree oils are known for their healing properties and are popular not only for fungal infections but for cuts, insect bites and stings.

The yeast infections reduced drastically and the infection is kept at bay. A major advantage this treatment may have over the regular forms of treatment is that is reduces the infection at a much faster rate by altering the chemical balance of the infected area and allowing for immediate healing to begin. The tea tree oil can be used as a topical anti fungal preparation though it should always be used in consultation with a physician. This is one of the best remedies for yeast infections as it is direct opposition to the yeast. If on the other hand antibiotics are used the infection is only worsened for the patient as they tend to kill any positive bacteria that may be in the system giving the yeast a bigger opportunity to grow.

In this form, it is available as an over the counter remedies though the correct type and brand should be used for the infection the patient is suffering from. This is a strong medicinal herb and as such, the appropriate research should be done before any form of treatment can begin. If the pure essential oil is to be used then it must be diluted in water to reduce its concentration and strength. In whichever form there may be a slight stinging sensation caused by the anti bacterial aspect of the herb. The tea tree herb has many uses and since it was discovered in Australia in the 1700s, its popularity for treating a myriad of conditions including acne and eczema when combined with other substances only continues to grow. Yeast infections are treatable and should be diagnosed and treated easily enough to avoid discomfort to the patient and to prevent it from becoming systemic and affecting other parts of the body.


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      great hub


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