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Tea or coffee can addict you?

Updated on September 2, 2015

Tea or coffee can addict you?

Tea or coffee can addict you?
Tea or coffee can addict you?

Tea or coffee can addict you?

Without tea/ coffee start their morning it’s unimaginable to many people. There are many people who cannot do their work, study properly without drinking tea/coffee. However this necessity is how much psychological or how much physical demand, it’s a question also. Keep up late is impossible without tea/coffee. Tea/coffee is not only a drink but also a good friend, a good company. Now days in modern world, tea or coffee is not just warm drink, it’s our necessity. Tea is popular in subcontinent and coffee is more popular at western country.

In subcontinent there is numberless tea shop in every lane of city or villages. Now question is tea is how much good for our health? Tea actually creates addiction? Does tea harmful for our health? Tea is inebriation? Can tea improve the ability of our disease prevention power? If we drink tea regularly, is it good for our heart? Actually we have much confusion about tea? Here I try to clear all confusion.

Function of tea and coffee:

Tea / coffee contain caffeine. Caffeine is xanthine derivatives. So it helps us to keep up late. So it’s not only a psychological matter.

Tea contains theophylline.

Coffee contains theobromine.

They are two derivatives of xanthine.

Tea also contains tannin.

Now we have to know about the function of caffeine. Caffeine enters into our body and arouses our adrenal gland of kidney. For that reason its work as tonic and feel fresh. Its remove the laziness. Caffeine has a small effect on our heart. Caffeine arouses or heart and increase heart bit. Caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline they all work on kidney. They flabby our smooth muscle. For the effect of theophylline and theobromine, tea and coffee can be good for asthma disease.

Besides that tea have very small amount vitamin and mineral. Those vitamins are carotene, riboflavin, pantothenic, nicotinic acid. Minerals are manganese and fluorine. Those vitamins and minerals we sufficiently get from our daily another food. So it’s not very important to get from tea.

Tea or coffee can addict you?

Tea or coffee can create temporary excitement. But after sometime when passed intoxication state someone again want to drink coffee/tea. In that sense tea/coffee make one kind of dependency. But it’s not like that tea/coffee make a extreme situation. When we want to drink tea/coffee, then if we not get it then it makes us some uncomfortable, its true but not makes any major problem in our health. Tea/coffee can make a physiological dependency but not create physical dependency. For that reason tea/coffee is not addiction. Someone can be addicted by tea like alcohol, it’s out of question.

Nutrition value of tea/coffee?

Tea has no calorie at all.

Coffee has protein, fat, carbohydrate at very small amount.

All over nutrition value of tea/coffee is very nominal.

Tea/coffee is harmful our health?

Very excess drinking of tea/coffee can destroy our hunger.

On fasting, liquor tea can be harmful for stomach.

Very excess drinking of tea can be liable for constipation. Coffee has not this problem because coffee has no tannin.

Most recent find some harmful effect of coffee on our health. There are two chemical present in coffee are cafestol and kahweol. If those enter into body very excessive quantity, can increase the rate of cholesterol and have a possibility to affect our heart bit. So tea/coffee is good until then it’s not cross the limit.

Tea is good for heart disease?

Last 10 years many research have been done about tea and its effect. In this time we become acquainted that green tea have a specific effect to prevent heart disease. To prevent cancer and diabetics, preface of tea may be established in near future. Still now it is not fully established that tea have preface to improve our heart but almost it’s agreed by researcher. so consideration of everything we can drink tea/coffee daily one or two cup comfortably. If one cup tea/coffee can color your day, so why not? May be it cannot benefaction your health but you can refresh yourself beyond doubt.


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