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Learning-Teaching as a Lifelong Adventure

Updated on August 15, 2015
In the Light of Self Discovery
In the Light of Self Discovery | Source

... A Lifelong Adventure

I had once believed I would love to be in the teaching profession.

Now I believe the most important thing is to take learning as a lifelong adventure and teach as much as one wants to learn. That is why I’ve been writing so much recently: I want to remember everything I’ve learned. And yet unlearn everything I have learned!

The spiritual journey is so full of paradox; that’s what makes it such fun.

Here are some of the things I want to unlearn:

· Unlearn being proud. Honestly, how does one unlearn being proud? Laugh at myself more often!

And learn:

· Learn to become more childlike and trusting. I believe being childlike will make me eager to learn and easier to teach, more creative and open to a lifelong adventure of learning and unlearning.

· Learn to be more discerning of true happiness versus using the existing worldview of scarcity and insecurity.

· Learn to become more imaginative. Because it’s like being a child at play: anything is possible. To God’s child, anything is. Thomas Moore also reminded us that the instrument of the soul is the imagination!

· Learn to become more nurturing. I believe that for most of us who’ve centred our lives on putting others first, this may be a bit difficult to do (refer to related book on co-dependency). The tip is to learn to love oneself first. Once learned, it will be easier to genuinely be loving of others. The Tao’s way suggests: to be giving, first find plenty. Fill your cup, so you can overflow with love!

(A separate article may be needed to explore the details of what we usually mistake for love: serving others hoping that they would please us back.)

· Learn to be more accepting of physical self: thoughts, feelings, word, actions and body.

· Remember that the meaning of each event is the meaning that I myself give or assign to it!

· Understand that the limited opportunity I have for something I love to do, such as writing ,is the perfect amount of time, that I need, according to the agenda of my soul. Understand this applies for other seeming “limitations” as well, accept then envision (by deliberate creation) the ideal.

  • Remember that others create me in a reciprocal way that I create them. We are gods. Keep the highest of good for all, the noblest of thoughts

... Feel affection for all.

Truly, truly, I have a lot to learn. But let me make that a short list. Let me not make a chore of it.

Let me remember to make my self-teaching/learning experience as of a child's:



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