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Neti Pots - Natural Relief for Sinus and Allergy Symptoms

Updated on February 15, 2013
The Neti Pot was recently demonstrated on Oprah
The Neti Pot was recently demonstrated on Oprah

Neti Pots

They look like little teapots. some of them have a funny little mushroom on the top. Part of an Oriental Tea ceremony? Well.. not quite.

Neti Pots look like small teapots or watering cans. They are used to irrigate the sinus cavity and clean away residue from pollution and other allergens. Once regarded as a rather distasteful, to western mores, yogic practice, Neti pots have seen huge surge in popularity. After a demonstration on Oprah, some stockists reported a selling out of their entire stock.

Around 50 million Americans suffer from rhinitis. The symptoms can vary from acute sinus pain to itchiness and runny eyes. Essentially the symptoms that we have come to associate with allergic reactions, such a Hay-fever. Neti Pots are used to gently wash the sinus with lukewarm salty water.

It can seem pretty disgusting a first, but with a little practice, it can be an easy, safe and inexpensive way to alleviate some symptoms such as post-nasal drip and mucus.

Numerous studies have been conducted and the results are encouraging. In 2007, The Cochrane Collaboration, reviewed eight papers on different types of nasal irrigation, including neti pots. They concluded that, there was evidence to suggest, that it was beneficial to allergy sufferers. In 2006 researchers at the University of Wisconsin, found that regular use of the neti pot alleviated symptoms in allergy sufferers.

Sensible Neti Demo

Dr Mellisa A. Pynnonen, co-director of the Michigan Sinus Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, recommends a twice daily routine, using eight ounces of warm water mixed with a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt mixed with a quarter teaspoon of baking soda.

Neti pots are widely available in your local drugstore and online they are inexpensive. The technique is basically to slightly incline ones head and insert the spout into the upper nostril allowing the saline solution to flow through the sinus and out of the lower nostril.

Many Americans are finding this a very gentle and safe alternative to allergy relief medication.


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    • MyAdvice1008 profile image

      MyAdvice1008 9 years ago from Syracuse, New York

      As disturbing as that picture is, I have to say that Netti pots are AMAZING. They really work. There have been several times when I've been congested and started getting a sore throat, but using the netti pot made all my symptoms go away. Thanks for writing this!