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Technological Madness

Updated on September 19, 2012

Do you suffer from cell phone, computer, laptop frustrations?

You are not alone, virtually everybody experiences this at one time in their life or another.
Yes, it started with pong, intellivision, Atari and Nintendo. VCR’s and more recently DVD players, game consoles cell phones and laptops, literally all forms of electronic computing where the human <-> computer interface… well… does not compute ….

We can blame the mutli-billion dollar industries that seem to upgrade their systems almost daily, coming out with ‘the latest gadget’ what are we on the iPhone 5 now?

ITS 2012!!!!

and our technology can’t seem to keep up with hungry consumers, nor can it compete on a global market compared to what hasn’t been publicly released, (E.G private and aerospace technologies)

But let’s look deeper into why we get frustrated with these technologies in the first place….

By utilizing a piece of equipment, whether it be a power drill, a cell phone or an artificial lung. We inherently accept a contract to use that artificial tool as an extension of our reality; to control that device to the best of our command.


When we rely on devices to affect our daily lives, when we give up our power to technologies that are supposed to be used as tools, that our frustration during a glitch, malfunction or perhaps even the complexity of the device causes us anger and frustration.

We as an intelligent beings place responsibilities on these devices, such as our cell phones, laptops, pc’s gaming consoles. Etc. And when the device does not meet our expectations we become frustrated, even violent towards our devices, such as throwing a phone or smacking our TV.

In Conclusion

We place these expectations on devices, and even people such as children, parents and fellow employees. And when one of these people don’t meet our expectations based on our ‘normal daily patterns’ or routine, this causes stress and its sometimes easier to see this in others’ lives than perhaps our own.

But frustration with a child who only misbehaves sometimes to the co-worker who sometimes calls in sick when you know they aren’t and the glitch on our TV during our favorite show “Of course this is happening now, it works fine all day. Why is this happening to me?” is a thought that often comes to mind.

But our underlying frustration with technology can perhaps be directly linked to our expectations we have placed on them.

Think about it……


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