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Teenage Mutant Genetically Modified Food

Updated on May 23, 2016

What if one of these needs cannot be met?

What if disease, pestilence or drought, diminishes our food source? What if our population on planet earth boomed, creating more mouths to feed each day with t he reality being an already diminishing food source? What if I told you this reality is our present one today?

Companies such as Monsanto came up with a solution to feed the people on our planet by eliminating plant susceptibility to disease, pestilence and drought. They created genetically modified seed. Once these seeds germinate and grow, they can be sprayed with tons of pesticides, resist drought and are not susceptible to disease. It sounds like a laboratory miracle! It may very well be. Anytime we play God in a lab though, controversy ensues.

Advocates for the use of GMO's claim there's no direct evidence saying they are "bad". They may have a point. There are no independently published long term studies on the effects of GMO consumption and the human body. On the flip side, there are no independent long term studies proving GMO consumption is safe either. People are often swayed by hearing only one side of an argument but when there are two sides, a middle ground tends to offer more of a clear picture of the actual story.

Food, clothing and shelter... as a species we certainly have some solutions to discover. Let's make sure the solutions are real and long term.

-James Goetz (New Jersey)


All too Common

80% of the food on our grocery store shelves contain genetically modified ingredients. Unless the product is labeled, "organic", and/ or "GMO Free"; you can be sure the ingredients when corn or soy are most likely genetically altered materials. Remember that cows are naturally a free range, grass eating animal. Grass fed, free range meat is typically higher in omega-3's as compared to corn fed beef, confined to a smaller grazing area, which is high in pro-inflammatory arachadonic acid. Chronic ingestion of arachadonic acid leads to disease.


How About You?

Do you eat GMO's?

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Bigger isn't better!
Bigger isn't better! | Source

Labels Matter

The issue is in labeling. GMO Free USA, a non- profit whose mission is: "to change our broken food system and to foster consumer rejection of GMO's until they are proven safe", has been fighting to label foods containing GMO's. Of course they are meeting with heavy resistance by organizations promoting GMO's.

One such organization GMO Free USA is protesting against is Kellogg's. They currently sell the same products in countries outside the United States without using genetically modified ingredients. However, within the US; GMO Free USA had a box of Froot Loops genetically tested by an accredited lab. It was determined the box contained 100% genetically modified corn. It contained both the Roundup Ready trait, allowing the corn to tolerate heavy doses of the pesticide, Roundup and Bt trait, meaning the corn is a pesticide in itself. When an insect bites into the corn kernel, it dies. Another cereal that contains GMO's is Kashi, a cereal marketed as healthy and natural.


WHO Said What?

In March of 2015, the World Health Organization issued a statement saying Roundup causes cancer in laboratory animals and probably causes cancer in people too. While GMO's are not Roundup, they are often coated in it.

Truth Is....

It's Up to You

As of today, there are no long term studies specifying GMO's directly cause disease in humans. The choice is yours to eat as you are and wait for this research to come forth or to be highly conscientious and purchase organically grown food's only until such a time GMO's are proven safe. Be smart and take care. You only get one chance with the body you have. Treat it good and it will be good to you.



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