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Teenage Pregnancies and Its Emotional Impact

Updated on September 24, 2015

A Scene from the movie Le Pregnancy Pact

I was watching the movie pregnancy pact yesterday. The movie centers on a group of teenagers who make a pact to become pregnant, all at the same time. They are overjoyed at the thought of raising kids together. To being loved by someone eternally and purely. They do not fathom the undeniable difficulties they are about to face.

Teenage emotional slump (the ebb and flow of emotions)

The sudden jump into puberty, the increased adrenaline rushes and new hormones zooming in a teenager’s body leaves them confused and restless. The rapid changes they experience physically and emotionally drive them to experiment. The outlook on each of a teenager’s miniscule world begins to change. Everything suddenly seems invincible and insurmountable. Handsome six-foot hunks, who were until yesterday your best friends suddenly become your objects of affection. Then there is this crazy competition among the pretty lasses to be the apple of his eye. The green eyed monster-‘jealousy’, takes over. New emotions, feelings of love, hatred, jealousy, resentment, feelings of courage, male chauvinism, feelings of feminism are felt. Yesteryear crushes turn into feelings of love.

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling to begin with. The best part of being in love is experiencing it in its purest form. Love can be expressed in a variety of forms, viz. The act of being responsible and devoted, providing unconditional love, giving undivided support emotionally, consulting one another in making important decisions, maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour, maintaining high levels of integrity and honesty, being able to empathize with one another. These are few of the qualities required when in a relationship. This is what helps provide a solid foundation for a bright future. The feeling of love culminates in sex. Sex is another form of expression of love. This is where the teen mind tends to experiment.

Physical pleasure associated with love

All that comes to the mind is the physical pleasure associated with it. As a teenager, you do not realise the stressful emotional and physical implications and its aftermath. Most of you are not even aware of the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases that come with it. Then there is the social stigma prevalent in society. The sense of non-belonging in a peer group, not being able to participate in activities, social events and parties. All of a sudden you begin to feel alone.

Making the big announcement

The next step is breaking the news to your partner and both the families. In most cases, the news itself would crush the relationship. Statistically speaking, very few teen couples decide to walk the promise they once made to each other. The father-to-be just gives up on the girl or absolves himself of the coming catastrophe as he sees it. It is not just him that is destined for an impending doom that appears on the horizon but also the mother-to-be. For most of them it means dropping out of school. In the world of today as we see it, only the fittest survive – the number of people working in a family is directly proportional to the material comfort one thrives on, not to mention the insurmountable medical bills for the unborn child and the teen mother. A jump start for a good career means a good background education, which is totally out of frame for the teen couple.

The onset of the first trimester

The most important of them all, is the moral decision you have to make in deciding to keep the baby or to abort it. Resorting to an abortion would further complicate things. There is not only the physical complication associated with it but also the mental struggle involved in making the tough decision. As a pregnant teen you are in a very critical situation, because you are growing up alongside your toddler. This means both of you are experiencing a continuous growth. Even if the teen mother decides to give birth to the baby, there is no guarantee that she would deliver a healthy baby. Most of the teens who discover that they are pregnant, usually resort to keeping it under wraps, due to which prenatal care is not timely provided which results in complications at childbirth and sometimes even a malnourished child. Also unhealthy eating habits, irregular hours of sleep can also lead to an unsafe pregnancy. Doing drugs and living of harmful alcoholic beverages also takes its toll on the teen mother’s health. This is the bad part, but, there is also some good news in store.

Societal norms and implications

Societal norms have changed. That does not mean you can go out and get pregnant. Only a lucky few have recognised a healthy support system in their families and their partners. The thought of having a child motivates them to perform better and raise their bar of achievement. Smokers, drug addicts and alcoholics have changed into people of strength and conviction capable of leading a totally normal life just as peers of their age group. It has propelled the X-gen teen parents to achieve high standards of social and ethical behaviour. It has helped them set their priorities right and become an apt decision maker. The importance of time management and multitasking is learnt in a hard but fruitful way and above all the realization that they are being able to lay a solid foundation for the bright future of their sweetie pie gives them the courage and resilience to move forward.

Abstinence is the key

Teens therefore need to realise that being sexually active at an early stage has its own complications. Practicing abstinence is the key. The aftermath associated with illicit relationships should be clearly understood. The importance of ethical and moral behaviour should be stressed. Even if you are sexually active, you should be aware of protective methods available in markets and the importance of prenatal care during pregnancy. Also you need to realise that there are many agencies like the Department of Health and Human Service Office on Woman’s Health that helps deal with post pregnancy issues. Being pregnant is like being at crossroads – naive and well aware at the same time, frightened yet strong and an unknown excitement that comes along. The experience of being pregnant in itself is life-changing.

© 2015 serenity


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