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Teenage Pregnancy and the Media

Updated on June 14, 2014
HLKeeley profile image

HL Keeley has received a Bachelors degree in middle grade education. She is currently teaching high school.

Jerry Springer is known for fighting and trash talk.
Jerry Springer is known for fighting and trash talk. | Source

This viral video is all over internet and television. Shows like Jerry Springer and Maury have shown a different side to psychology, but do they really need to televise these things? I believe most of the people going on these shows are doing it for the attention and to be on television. They make up the worst situation to be stood out. What is worse they bring their children into it. Unfortunately in the video clip above, the girl is completely fine with this.

This article is dissecting the video above about "trashy" shows and an explanation of why these people are on these shows.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or a specialist, but very observant. I welcome feedback in explaining these shows.

Vicki | Source

The Mother

I start with her because she is the one who brought the daughter to the show. Her daughter obviously thinks it is okay to be sexually active, especially since she wants a child.

First of all, the mother's name is Vicki and has daughter named Victoria. This to me is weird. I have a friend named after her mother, but names are Toni Anne and Toni Marie. I see the name difference, but without a father in the picture the mother loses her identity to her child. The mother is now really "Mom."

I digress from that point to my next point. What mother puts a child on television for psychological help? There are many well accredited therapists that will spend more time with the child than Maury or Jerry Springer. Putting the girl in front of a booing audience makes her defensive. Victoria tells the audience she does not care, but obviously she does by trying to make her point to a woman in the audience.

When the mother tells her story, they play sad, sympathy music as she tells her story. This helps if the mother is an act.

Quote: "When we walk down the street, they call her a whore and a slut and it hurts me so much."

By putting her on television with a huge fan base and in front of a crowd known for "booing," you think this will stop that? You probably just ended up embarrassing the girl more AND encouraging rebellion. What's worse you might have just walked into her hands. This girl wants to be famous one day and now she is, not for the right reasons, but I honestly think she does not care.

The whole time her story is being told, the camera flashes to a screen of Victoria posing defiantly. Really? I know the producers are the ones who do this, but how is that going to help Victoria? "Okay, stand here we need you doing some poses."

The mother does seem to care by trying to put Victoria on birth control, but the girl WANTS a baby and birth control does not stop STDs

Victoria | Source

The Daughter

After hearing from the mother's side, Victoria has a chance to defend yelling at the cameras. Right there, you can tell before the audience reactions, Victoria is not going down without a fight.

Body Posture: She has her hands crossed over her body, a typical defiant gesture. She leans back in her feet exposing her chest as the prominent feature. Victoria is very confidant in her body, but she hides her face behind her body. Also during her monologue, you can see the flashes where she is posing provocatively with the toys and baby items she has collected.

Appearance: Her make up is actually done very well and so is her hair. Usually with young girls trying to be adults, these are their first mistakes. Her clothes though were too small and exposed skin, which shows that she is more concerned with her body.

Accent: Once she started yelling, I noticed the accent difference between the mother and daughter. She also spoke very fast, so I had to watch it again to hear what she was saying. This accent has led to comments on Youtube that say this: "She tryna sound ghetto? Not working vato" or "She talk like a negro." Not all "negro" people speak with that accent. Ghetto was a better word to describe it. Ghetto is not trash, but less educated. Speaking with this accent was a defense mechanism or for the cameras, but it is symbolic in a way of how poor her education is. If the mother had it, I wouldn't be so concerned with it, but the mother doesn't. So it led to the question of why?

Let's get back to the video and the things she says.

  1. "I would do whatever it takes to protect my baby." Stress on "whatever" and "my."
  2. "I am going to dress my baby in all brand names and if I can't support it I guess I am gonna sell it."
  3. "I am not having just having sex with not one, not two, but three different guys. That's right I'm a player."

I cannot quote anymore it is just too sad. She says all these with honesty and conviction. Victoria honestly believes these quotes. From what she is saying, she is accusing her mother of not protecting her, not dressing her right, and is proud that she is a "player." Her life dream is to be on Girls Gone Wild and have her baby. "There is nothing my stupid mother can say to change my mind." I doubt she even knows what Girls Gone Wild really is. She has a prostitution plan to make money as well.

So after her monologue, Victoria comes out cursing at the crowd and trying to start fights. Typical ion trash shows. She expected it which means she has seen shows like this. She tells Maury that the baby will give her the "love and attention."

This girl has serious "mommy" issues.

Here is the thing this girl has not thought of. She is now famous. Her child will have to go to school with children taught to disapprove of this. The child will be bullied because of their mother. No mother wants that. That is why her mother brought her to the show, to at least get some help.

Why do we care? That is a great question. For me, I care because here is a sad girl wanting love and attention and getting it from the wrong place. It is obvious her mother loves her, but the girl refuses to see this. She needs help and guidance.

Maury Povich
Maury Povich | Source

The Host

None of the hosts, except Dr. Phil, are actually doctors.

I will just give the three most famous examples.

Jerry Springer has a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in political science. He was a political campaign adviser for John F. Kennedy. After the assassination, he went to work at a law firm. He tried running for congress and governor of Ohio. After a failing political career, he got a television show to discuss politics. When the producers revamped the show for higher ratings, it got more popular as it got trashier.

Maury Povich made his career as a news anchor. He aspired to host television and that is what he does "host."

Steve Wilkos started his career as a bodyguard on Jerry Springer. Now he has his own television show. He is very likable guy with a huge smile, perfect for television. He has served in the marines and was a police officer for Chicago.

Television Show

This is a show! They have willing participants to claim the truth and go with the act. They are just making "good television." While they do care about the people, at the end of the day it is about ratings. This is what keeps the television show going.

People are entertained by the misfortunes of others because they realize how good their life is. The participants are trying to make their lives worse for whatever their reasons.

So why do they go on? Why embarrass themselves?

  1. These people willing go on the show. They are not embarrassed.
  2. I do not believe they get paid, but it is still FREE psychology, not even psychology, but help.
  3. Attention. These people crave attention.
  4. Other reasons are their own. To really understand, you would have to ask them and even in that case they will say they "really needed help." They most likely would not drop the act.

The Dangers of Pregnancy in the Media

I could write a novel about this. There are shows all over television about teenagers getting pregnant and how they raise their children. What they do not focus on are the dangers and risks of having a child to young or being promiscuous.

By showing television shows like 16 and Pregnant, it shows teenagers that there are girls who can take care of their children and the difficulties in their lives. It also shows girls that the girls on television get support mostly from the show and/or parents.

I think the shows do focus on how much of these girls' lives are completely about the child. Also it shows that guys might not step up and take care of their child.

Worst, teenagers need to know the risks like STDs. They also need to learn that their body might not be ready for a child. It is not uncommon for a mother to die while birthing the child.

Learn more about the preventing teenage pregnancy.

Where Victoria is Now


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    • Dancilla profile image


      6 years ago from El Paso

      This is a very interesting hub. I used to see the kind of shows that you were talking about and it would make me wonder how these girls were raised.

    • HLKeeley profile imageAUTHOR

      HL Keeley 

      6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I will look into them thank you. My mother told me the same thing. She adores Doctor Oz. She said he is the right kind of person to have a television show. He is actually helping people.

    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      6 years ago from New York

      These crappy shows did not help to get us educated at all. The worst part is that a new generation has been inflicted with these wrong ideas and the consequences are here. Media will cover it up for so long, but violence will increase no matter what. So far the system and the Government are more busy about votes and politics than the welfare of the future generations. Great study and you should check into Oprah and Doctor Oz.


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