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Teeth Cleaning Services In Hong Kong; Who To Look For And Where

Updated on April 4, 2020
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Makonere Wesutsa is an avid reader and a committed professional writer.

They say toothaches are some of the worst pains a human being can experience. Well, I have been a victim of that, and I cannot say I am proud of it. Our teeth need extra care beyond the routine brushing and spitting of toothpaste. Teeth cleaning is not something all of us excel at. Some people have turned brushing their teeth into a routine, thereby foregoing its utmost importance. Did you know you need to visit a dentist every six months for a regular check-up? In your country, this may be a straight forward task. What if you are visiting Hong Kong? Where do you go, and who do you look for exactly? This article summarizes the “need to know” details about teeth cleaning Hong Kong being an area of consideration.

Who To Look For?

A dentist is casually referred to as a tooth doctor. Even the Chinese would have dentists if you were wondering. Therefore, as a foreigner in Hong Kong, you need to look for a dentist and not just any dentist, a qualified one. With a qualified dentist, you are guaranteed excellent tooth cleaning services. They don’t clean your teeth; they ensure that your oral hygiene is up to standard and give the best advice for managing your cavities, dentures, and your bleeding gums.

So, what makes a qualified dentist? Like in most countries, the first proof of qualification is always a practice license. Hong Kong has around 2000 skilled dentists who are registered with the Dental Council of Hong Kong. This body is charged with vetting new entrants into the dentistry profession and ensuring they have the right credentials. Usually, it is rude to ask someone for his or her qualifications, especially when you visit their clinic. However, as you seek for teeth cleaning services in Hong Kong, wander your eyes around the clinic and see if there is a license stuck somewhere on the wall. This way, you are confident that you are getting a professional service that is not only worth your money but also rewarding to your dental health.

For expatriate dentists, i.e., foreign dentists, they must sit for an examination provided by the Dental Council of Hong Kong before obtaining their license. As such, you need not worry about the quality of service you are getting.

Hong Kong boasts of the state-of-the-art health sector that sufficiently caters for the needs of its population. Teeth cleaning services in Hong Kong are one reason for this high rating.

Where To Look

The same way a lady visits the boutique to get her hair done is the same way we visit a clinic to get our teeth “done.” While this is common knowledge, being in a foreign country may come with its challenges. For one, Hong Kong is a very big city with different zones. Google Maps could help you get around, but how do you exactly know where you are going?

Both public and private dentists provide Hong Kong’s teeth cleaning services. Public dentists are found in Hong Kong’s public hospitals, while private dentists have their clinics. As is the norm, private clinics offer better health care services that public ones. Nonetheless, for emergency dental services that require extraction or periodontal surgery, public hospitals are better placed to respond. Most private clinics employ dentists on a consultancy basis and may, therefore, not provide immediate attention to emergencies.

Again, while looking for qualified dentists, it is necessary to beware of the type and service and the costs involved. Teeth cleaning services in Hong Kong can be offered both in-house and on-practice. Public hospitals mostly offer on-practice services, which means you have to avail yourself physically. However, private dental clinics offer both. The cost of in-house dental services supersedes that of on-practice services. Whichever you chose, you can be sure that you are getting the best service there is.


Dental problems can be a lot of baggage, especially if you are the middle of crucial business-like work and so on. The best way to avoid this baggage is to keep a close relationship with a dentist. This article describes in detail what you need to know about teeth cleaning services in Hong Kong and the details of their practice.

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