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Telling 2

Updated on December 21, 2015

Life after death.

We lose the ones we love; then, we are expected to carry on as if they never existed. What a strange, but necessary part of living. Death is not the factor in living that defines us. Neither is the grasp of its effect.

What defines us is how we react to death. Or rather, how we continue 'life' after death, is a more telling consideration, than how we react to the loss itself. I learned that this time.

Since the last decade has afforded me many, as in multiple, experiences with death, I have discovered several facets relating to its imposition on life. For one thing: every loss has its own dynamic. Just as every relationship is unique, every loss filters its own set of emotion. The triggers to filtering are experienced in various manifestations, none of which a person can prepare for, all of which effect individuals based on who the person lost was, and what part that person played in the drama of an individual's journey through this world. To say, "death initiates a process in which the compound maze called, 'existence' is issued an intensified awareness strengthened through guarded measure and scrutiny', would be an understatement. Death is, in its own way, a new beginning.

What else could bring on a quickened response to the reality that life, for each one of us, ends? The response embraces an attentive particle of perception normally taken for granted; and, that perception is heightened by the sudden recognition everyday living casually sets aside: no one is guaranteed one more breath.

Another thing death teaches us: every action, reaction, thought, word and dream may have eternal significance. Therefore, what we do, or don't, what we think or refuse to think about, what we dream and act upon, or fail to act upon, will make a difference, to those around us, those who follow us, those who know us, to those who hear of us. Do we dare live casually, in that case?

Oh yes. We all do. We live as though each day means nothing more than another day.

Despite the fact that some, unknowingly will meet an end, we venture forth. Undeterred by the fact that today could be the day some people will be forced to say their final good-byes, others rush through the details of daily interaction, as though running away from a pursuer. Resolute to meeting the requirements of business and dealings that challenge the moment, individuals press on, not thinking many await with fear and trembling that hour when the turning point has been extinguished and all inspiration to hope is obscured from sight.

Somewhere in the world, perhaps your very own world, someone is dying now. Yet, the thing that we must remember, the thing that we must never cease to admit, is that death can be the beginning, a beginning unlike any beginning previously appreciated. Death can be the impetus behind a life that is rich and vital, whole and nourished. Death is not the end. There is life after death. I will be back to share again.

If you have experienced a loss recently, please allow me to walk with you through the anguish, into the path where a glimmer of light continues to shine, where a flicker of warmth reaches out trying to release the clasp of pain, where apart from the toxic oppression and innermost cries something alive stirs. Comment if you need to express a measure of sorrow that cannot otherwise be contained, with words, through tears, above the din of inner torment. I hear you. I am you.


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