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Telomerase and Life Extension – Telomeres and Anti-Aging

Updated on August 21, 2014

News of a Life Extending Nutraceutical Compound

In September 2010, groundbreaking news was released about the discovery of a compound that activates the enzyme telomerase. This enzyme is responsible for slowing the shortening of telomeres and researchers are exploring it's possibility in the field of life extension. If you have never heard of telormerase or telomeres before, you certainly will be hearing about them in the very near future.

The discovery of an enzyme to activate telomerase is the equivalent of discovering the fountain of youth. Telomerase activation promises to be a cure for aging. These scientists are talking about having found the key to allowing our bodies to replicate our chromosomes without a breakdown in chromosome replication. The compound that activates telomerase in the human body is a natural product from a nutraceutical known as TA-65.

Telomere Lengthening Can Lead to Anti-Aging Therapies
Telomere Lengthening Can Lead to Anti-Aging Therapies

The Role of Telomeres and Telomerase in Life Extension

Telomeres are the structures at the end of our chromosomes. To get an idea of the role of telomeres with chromosome replication think of our chromosomes as a shoelace. Telomeres are like the little plastic band at the end that keeps our shoelaces from fraying. As our cells age they must duplicate themselves before they die. This occurs by our chromosomes duplicating themselves just before the cells divide. Errors in duplication are more frequent at the end of the chromosomes. Telomeres are a group of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. They act like a buffer and they gradually shorten over our lifespan through cell duplication. Telomerase is an enzyme which replenishes telomeres.

Many scientists believe that what imposes a limit on our lifespan and the decline in our health is the shortening of telomeres. Experiments have demonstrated that if we can keep our telomeres from shortening, our cells can duplicate accurately indefinitely. In other words, this goes beyond slowing the aging process. They are talking about a cure for aging.

The Next Step in Telomerase Activity

The nutraceutical TA-65 has now been shown to activate the enzyme telomerase in humans. This telomerase activation as a result of TA-65 has shown to lengthen the shortest telomeres in humans. The incredibly exciting part of that last sentence is the word “lenghten”. If telomeres can be lengthened it brings regenerative medicine into the equation.

TA-65 is the first telomerase activator that is safe for humans. TA-65 holds promise of being the first anti-aging supplement that could actually affect the mechanisms responsible for the aging process.  TA-65 is the first, but it is surely not the last of telomerase activating compounds.  The future looks promising in this new area of telomere study. Who knows, in a few years time, Life Extension Magazine may be full of anti-aging ads for telomerase activators.

The Companies Behind Lengthening Telomeres To Extend Human Lifespan

The companies that came out with this groundbreaking news in September 2010 of a natural product safe for human use to extend human lifespan are Sierra Sciences LLC, TA Sciences, Geron Corp, PhysioAge as well as the Spanish National Cancer Institute.

Geron Corp is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the stock symbol GERN. On the day the news release was published, Geron stock closed the day, up 7.77% or 38 cents at $5.27 US per share.


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    • Natural Remedy profile image

      Natural Remedy 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Matt,

      Since I wrote this article, there have been some exciting stories on Telomerase and it's role in Anti-Aging science. In August 2011, Popular Science wrote a large piece on Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences.

    • mattforte profile image

      Steven Pearson 6 years ago from Spanaway, WA

      Great article. I've been following the life extension sciences for many years now. It's exciting to know that science already knows what we need to do to extend life, and all they have to figure out now is *how*