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Ten Exercises You Can Do At Home

Updated on May 4, 2017

You Don't Need To Go To The Gyn

You don't need to go to the gym.  You can exercise at home.
You don't need to go to the gym. You can exercise at home. | Source

Ten Exercises You Can Do At Home

Going to the gym is a great way to exercise, and a good place to get support from your gym mates or help from a coach. The gym has equipment most people don't have the money to buy or the room to store. However, you don't need fancy equipment to workouts. Here are ten exercises you can do at home to stay active and lose weight.

If you do go to a gym, these exercises are a great way to impress your personal trainer that you're serious about improving and maintaining your health.


Walking is the easiest, cheapest form of mild exercise. If you're just beginning an exercise program, it's probably the best exercise to start with. If the weather permits, go to the park and walk. The exposure to sunshine will increase your vitamin D intake. If you're at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you're at the mall, deliberately park further away instead of looking for the closest space.

Take A Stroll

You can walk alone, or you can walk with friends.
You can walk alone, or you can walk with friends. | Source

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a good, brisk form of calisthenics, which is why so many high school gym classes use them as a warm-up exercise. Start with five. When you can do that comfortably, increase to ten, then work your way up to twenty.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts build strength in your legs and lower abs. Check this link for four different ways to do leg lifts.

Push Ups

Push ups are great for arm strength. No equipment required, and there are dozens of variations, so you can alter your routine to avoid boredom.

How To Do Push Ups (Even If You Can't Do One Now)


Squats can be done with or without weight equipment. As with push ups and leg lifts, there are several variations you can try. All work on tightening and strengthening your gluteus maximus, but they also improve your balance and burn more fat.

Jogging In Place

Jogging in place burns calories, which helps you lose weight. Jogging in place doesn't require an expensive treadmill. Neither summer heat nor winter cold will affect your exercise routine, and you'll stay dry (but fit) on rainy days.


Crunches build and strengthen abdominal muscles. They're similar, but not identical to sit-ups. In a sit-up, you lift your entire back off the floor; in a crunch, you lift only your upper back.

How To Do Crunches

Light Weight Lifting

Light weight lifting can be done at home or in the office, without expensive equipment. Start with an eight-ounce can of vegetables from the kitchen cupboard. Work your way up to heavier weights, like a full water bottle or larger cans of vegetables. Using lighter weights instead of heavier weights reduces the stress on your joints, tendons, and ligaments... and it doesn't hurt nearly as much if you drop it on your toe!

Step Exercises

Step exercises tone the leg muscles. You can use the staircase in your home or office, or a bench in your backyard, or even a picnic bench at the park. It's best done as a low to medium intensity exercise, starting slowly. After you've got the pattern down, you can increase the intensity by going faster and adding weights. Bottles of water are great weights, because you'll want to stay hydrated while you exercise.

10 Minute Steps Cardio Workout Routine At Home


Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise, combining music, physical activity, and social interaction. With so many varieties of social dancing -- Scottish country dance, waltz, swing, salsa, square dancing, polka, hula -- it's not hard to find the sort of dancing you like best. It's a great way to make friends, and depending on which sort of dancing you choose, can help you get in touch with your ethnic heritage. Dancing is a whole body workout, but it's especially useful as a cardio-exercise.

Scottish Country Dancing

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of San Francisco, at Pleasanton Highland Games
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of San Francisco, at Pleasanton Highland Games | Source

Square Dancing

A Good Exercise Regime

A good exercise regime should be varied, so you work on different parts of the body on different days. Remember to start slow and build up gradually. Always wear loose-fitting clothes that permit you to move easily. Stay hydrated. Rest in between sets.

Not everyone can afford to go to the gym, but everyone can exercise a little bit at home.


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