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Ten Fantastic Vegan-Friendly Tour Destinations across the Globe

Updated on January 10, 2016

In no particular order, check out our compilation below of such top destinations across the world:

1) Hotelito Desconocido -- Tomatlán, Mexico

Situated in the Mexican state of Jalisco, this wonderful hotel’s environment has several beautiful white beaches all around it. Nearby, there is also a lagoon that hosts over 150 bird species. At Hotelito Desconocido, there is also a private garden from whence comes the vegetables and fruits that are supplied to the on-site restaurant. Quite a paradise to behold!

2) Vegan Life Energy -- Alicante, Spain

Located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, this bed-&-breakfast vegan hotel’s lodging pricing also includes a good vegan breakfast. While the hotel charges 5 to 16-year old children half the price, kids under 5 are allowed to stay for free. Recreational activities here include yoga and meditation, cooking classes, as well as enjoying the adjacent white sandy beaches.


3) Laguna Lodge -- Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

In this exclusively vegetarian Guatemalan lake resort, you will get all kinds of vegan cuisines, with supplies coming from an on-site garden as well as local farms. The resort also features a full-day spa offering services such as yoga classes, manicure and pedicure services, and massage. Other daytime activities such as scuba diving and hiking up the adjacent volcano are also offered.

4) The Stanford Inn by the Sea -- Mendocino, California, USA

Standing by the U.S. Pacific coast in one of the most spectacular surroundings along the entire Californian coast in Mendocino, this hotel is equally welcoming to animals as it is to their human owners! The Stanford Inn features an all-vegan restaurant called the Ravens Restaurant and is keenly focused on sustainability. Some of the other recreational services offered include biking, canoeing, as well as vegan cheese-making and nutrition classes.

5) Albaspina Organic Farm -- Vicenza, Italy

Located just a few of miles outside the majestic northeastern Italian city of Vicenza, this bed-and-breakfast resort is built on an 18th-century rustic farm. It is only an hour away from Venice by train. Its on-site restaurant features an all-vegan cuisine -- vegan Italian cuisine, mind you! On the same farm, visitors can also have guided lessons on how to grow and recognize different kinds of vegetables and learn more about their flavors and seasonality in the resort’s garden trail hike. Who wouldn’t love such an educational vacation?!

6) Samhitakasha (The Cob House) -- Muizenberg, South Africa

In line with traditional African practices, all buildings in this bed-and-breakfast resort are constructed using mud and straw, thus making them fully recyclable and sustainable. There are a number of globally renowned surfing spots located near Samhitakasha, as well as St. James tidal swimming pool and Cape Town. Dolphin and whale sightings are also common between June and November. The Cob House also offers various discounts for both students and retirees.

7) Forest Haven B&B -- Beaufort, Australia

Like its name may suggest, this all-vegan bed-and-breakfast resort is nestled inside over nine acres of forest in a serene environment that is definitely the ultimate relaxation getaway for any holidaymaker! Inside, the resort features a series of relaxing private cabins, with each of them having been furnished with a sofa, a dining table and a wood-burning heater. Forest Haven B&B is situated about a 2-hour drive from Melbourne, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

8) Willka T’ika -- Urubamba, Peru

In our compilation, this Peruvian retreat is one of the more spiritual getaway locations. It is most famous for its seven “healing gardens”, as well as daily meditation and yoga classes. Visitors may also take the various gourmet cooking classes that are offered in the center, and later enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and river rafting in the nearby mountains. Quite a gorgeous place to visit!

9) Park Lane Guest House -- Austin, Texas

This comfy B&B inn is made up of a series of solar-powered cottages featuring cozy private decks, with a pool and a massage therapy center also on site. Its main dining area features a locally-sourced all-vegan breakfast. Being located in Austin, expect to find lots of good vegan cuisines all around.


10) BayTree House -- East Sussex, England

Constructed in the 1880s, this Victorian-era house is today one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) family-run all-vegan hotel in the whole of the East Sussex region. If you have an animal companion, you are also welcome here. BayTree features various yoga and tai-chi classes, as well as massage services. It is certainly a retreat center for the vegan taste of the old country!


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