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Ten Ways To Have A Fun, Festive February

Updated on June 14, 2016

As most of us know, February is the shortest month of the year. It can also be, depending where you live, one of the coldest. Even if you are in a more temperate location, this isn’t always the most enjoyable time of year. There are, thankfully, many things you can do to make February more delightful. I’m suggesting ten activities, yet there are inevitably others I’ve neglected to mention.

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The first activity is making a jump start on your spring cleaning by cleaning out of a closet. Even if you wait to do the major cleaning until the robins are singing outside your window and there are trees budding in your neighborhood, this activity can simultaneously enhance well-being and be a social event. For instance, you may have a small group of friends who also want to clean out a closet. Partly to ensure you don’t become excessively sentimental, a trusted friend can help you decide which items to keep, donate, or throw away. Another benefit of having company is sharing stories with them as you unearth jackets your kids have outgrown, high school yearbooks, and beyond. Still another bonus is there is always the chance they’ll be able to use the item you no longer need.

Do you have a closet which looks like this?


A comical version of doing a clothing swap

Speaking of “swapping” goods, another option is having a clothing, book, DVD, or shoe swap with a group of friends or coworkers. Generally it’s best to focus on only one category in order to minimize chaos and confusion. If you have a bulging closet and several friends who are approximately your size in the same predicament, doing a clothing swap may make the most sense. In contrast, if it’s been years since you watched some of your DVDs, a DVD swap could be more profitable. Whatever you decide to do, make it an event. If you are hosting the gathering, ensure there are snacks and beverages for your guests. Depending on who you are swapping items with, there may be the opportunity to converse about where you wore certain items of clothing or when you read a book you no longer want. Even if you aren’t completely sold on participating in the newly trendy “sharing” economy, this amount of exchange can be worthwhile.

February is an excellent month for doing random acts of kindness. These can range from buying your single friend flowers or a balloon for Valentine’s Day, offering to help a friend, coworker, or relative move, or volunteering at a local hospital. You can also reach out to friends you’ve drifted away from by sending them an email, postcard, or letter. Whether or not you have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, consider all the significant individuals in your life who you’d like to reconnect with. How you reconnect will depend largely on your personal preferences and how much time you have. If this tasks sounds initially overwhelming, consider that a brief hello is typically better than not making any effort to touch base. As I like to believe when I only have time for a quick email instead of the much longer email I’d prefer to write, something is generally better than nothing when it comes to keeping in touch.


Two day trips for those who live near London, England

Taking a day trip can potentially keep any winter blues away. Depending on your resources and inclinations, you don’t have to travel far. Even visiting a town ten miles away in order to peruse their downtown or watch a movie at their restored historic theater is valuable. You may want to bring a friend or two along, or you may prefer to go alone. On a solo outing you’re able to linger at an antiques shop or used bookstore for as long as you wish—presuming, of course, the establishment is open—instead of being mindful of when your friend or friends would like to leave. On the other hand, going with someone means you can potentially create lasting memories together.

If you have the funds and the ability to get enough time off of work, planning and executing an overnight trip is another way to make February memorable. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who would be willing to host you. If you do not, cheaper and potentially quirky housing options can be found at There is also the possibility of couchsurfing. This I haven’t done, but, according to my friends who have, it can be a fantastic experience. For those of us who like to plan ahead, arranging an overnight trip gives you the opportunity to research potential restaurants, attractions, and travel routes. Such preparations can add to the anticipation, especially if you are planning this trip with a special someone. Of course, if you are more spontaneous, feel free to pencil in the most essential details beforehand and make up the rest as you go.

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If you cannot currently get away from it all, you may have the option to plan a trip or activity for later in the year. This can range from attending a concert, sporting event, or wedding. You may also want to organize a road trip you’ll take once the weather warms up. From my experience, it doesn’t matter as much what you’re looking forward to as long as you have something to look forward to. In this arena it can be helpful to think smaller than you might be inclined to. There is, in other words, absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited about seeing a local high school production of “Cats” or traveling to see relatives in Wichita, Kansas instead of assuming you need to plan a more elaborate trip or activity.

Is it time to take a painting class?


A seventh way to make February a fun, festive month is by learning something new. This can mean anything from taking a French cooking class, doing research about a subject which fascinates you, or learning how to play an instrument. At such times it’s essential to be honest with yourself about what interests you instead of thinking, “I should really learn how to quilt” or “I suppose I could learn more about the American Revolution” when you’d rather take a pottery class or explore your Irish heritage. These activities don’t have to cost much or any money. Books can be checked out of the local library; in addition, at the library you can generally use their computers in order to research subjects on the internet. You may also be able to attend free lectures concerning your subject of interest.

Throwing a Leap Year party can also add zest to this month. This year, since Leap Year is on a Monday, you may want to throw this party the weekend before. Then again, throwing a party on a Monday night may be a unique way to jumpstart your week. What you decide to do at this party is ultimately up to you. The romantic comedy “Leap Year” could be shown. You could also have a trivia game involving information about what was happening in the world at the end of February 2012. Another potential event would be asking people to share what they hope to do with their lives in the next four years. Such events can be small or outlandish. They can also, depending on your needs, resources, and preferences, include adult beverages, snacks, and board games.

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If you’re a solitary creature, one way to add color to this month is by watching your favorite comedies. Whether these are TV shows or movies, carve out enough time to watch more than one movie or episode. Laughter may not cure all the things which trouble most of us in the 21st century, yet it’s beneficial and necessary in ways which are easy to overlook. Of course, if you’d prefer to watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” or “Happy Gilmore” with friends, family, or coworkers, this is also an option. As always, it’s essential to weigh these suggestions against your inborn preferences, and, if necessary, disregard the ones which don’t appeal to you.

Finally, grant yourself permission to be more childlike. By this I mean encouraging yourself to dance around your home, watch your favorite cartoons from childhood, picking up a coloring book or a jigsaw puzzle, or, quite simply, doing what sounds like fun to the most innocent part of you. This may include creating castles with Play-Doh with your children and/or nieces and nephews. It may also feature getting a group of friends together and going thrift store shopping in search of the most outrageous outfits. Or else you may be content to have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Whatever you decide to do, remember this: no matter our age, play is part of what makes us human.

When is the last time you used crayons?
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February, if we are wise, can pass quickly and enjoyably with various activities. With this in mind, why not make the most of it? Spring may not be in the air by the time the month concludes, especially for those of us who live in the northern part of the world, and still much can be done to make February a diverting and delightful month.

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