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Ten Ways to Eat More and Weigh Less

Updated on December 18, 2012

Written by Angela LaMor RMA NCPT and Frances Bleuet owner of Nutrition for Weight Loss

Ten Ways to Eat More and Weigh Less

1 Eat more sugar and weigh less. Here's how. Do not eat sugar and fat at the same meal. Of course it is better not to eat any sugar when you are on a diet, but if you decide to include some sugar in your new diet plan, do not eat fat at the same time. When you eat sugar at the same meal with fat, you store the fat as fat instead of burning it as calories.

2 Eat more "negative calorie" foods and weigh less. Here's how. Negative calorie foods are foods that take more calories to digest than they contain. You lose weight every time you eat these foods. Here's a list.

Negative calorie foods


Greens, endive, spinach, asparagus, beets, radishes, green beans, onions, garlic, lettuce, cucumber, celery, zucchini, cauliflower


Pineapples, papaya, mango, oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapfruit, apples, berries, cranberries

3 Eat more fiber and weigh less. Here's how. Fiber helps in three ways:

It blocks the absorption of fats, so you take in fewer calories.

It provides bulk in your stomach and holds water so you feel fuller.

It provides bulk in the intestines which aids in elimination.

4 Eat more fat and weigh less. Here's how. Eating some fat with every meal helps you to feel satiated by slowing down the rate at which the stomach empties. You will feel full for longer.

5 Eat more protein and weigh less. Here's how. Eating protein at every meal stabilizes your blood sugar. When your blood sugar is steady, you have more energy to exercise, you feel satisfied, and you don't get cranky and grab food for comfort.

6 Eat more breakfast and weigh less. Here's how. Eating a big breakfast sets your metabolism in high gear, helping you to burn extra calories. You start the day not feeling deprived, and at the end of the day when you are fighting the urge to overeat just remember as soon as you wake up you get to have a full meal. (without guilt)

7 Eat more meals and weigh less. Here's how. That's how the body works. If you eat several meals throughout the day (instead of all at once and then nothing), you body does not conserve calories, it uses them instead. (Your metabolism stays higher) Your blood sugar level stays at one constant level, eliminating cravings and every few hours you get to eat something.

8 Eat more supplements and weigh less. Here's how. Some nutrients aid in weight loss. Here's a list.

B complex vitamins-The B complex vitamins are a group of related vitamins that work together to regulate metabolism. That means if you are underweight you will gain weight, and if you are overweight, it will regulate your metabolism to make you lose weight

Vitamin B6-vitamin B6 is a natural diuretic, It will help our body to release excess water.

Magnesium-magnesium aids the body in elimination.

Potassium-potassium regulates water balance, releasing the body's excess water.

Lecithin-lecithin helps to evenly distribute body fat.

Kelp-kelp contains iodine, which is necessary to regulate metabolism, if you are overweight from a sluggish metabolism, iodine will correct this condition

9 Eat more oils and weigh less. Here's how. Fish and vegetable oils provide essential fatty acids to the body. When the diet is deficient in essential fatty acids it stores sugar as fat at above normal rates.

10 Drink more and weigh less. Here's how. Dehydratrion can cause abnormal cravings for cold, sweet foods (like ice cream). Also being properly hydrated makes exercising safer and easier and helps the body to eliminate toxins that are being released from the break-down of body fats. Water helps to fill the stomach and has zero calories.

This article was written by Frances Bleuet and Angela LaMor RMA, NCPT, the authors of "EveryBODY Can Heal", now available in soft cover, hard cover and as an eBook.

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      I wrote the hub The Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate in response to your comment! Thanks

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      Oh when is chocolate going to be classed as a negative calorie food? Interesting hub on eating more and weighing less