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All Five Ways on How to Improve Your and His Memory! Enhancement hubpages Desi Girl i Jewels Jewelry

Updated on June 5, 2013
Kim Kardashian's Wedding is now only a memory
Kim Kardashian's Wedding is now only a memory

Memory Enhancement is For Everyone

At first glance, you may think this article is about seniors, or those in advanced age. To the contrary, this article is beneficial to people of all ages. I would go even further to say this article is for everyone who has a functioning brain, and want to find ways to improve its capacity in the area of memory.

Memory can be fleeting, and the loss of it regarding certain events may be beneficial. For example, the short-lived marriage of Kim Kardashian.

However, this article is about how to remember those things that you want to remember, such as remembeing why you entered a room, where you placed your keys and other activities you may forget or things you may misplace.

Did this Desi Girl remember to wear all parts of her beauitful outfit?  A list to help her remember all of her gorgeous jewelry and accessories needed for her outfit  would be beneficial to her.
Did this Desi Girl remember to wear all parts of her beauitful outfit? A list to help her remember all of her gorgeous jewelry and accessories needed for her outfit would be beneficial to her.
This Desi Girl wearing a simpler outfit will not need a list to help her remember to wear all  of her beautiful accessories.
This Desi Girl wearing a simpler outfit will not need a list to help her remember to wear all of her beautiful accessories.

Grocery Story Memory Dilemma -- Paper or Plastic?

I decided to write an article about improving memory after I experienced something interesting. I was mundanely shopping for groceries and went to the young male cashier to check out my groceries. I think he could have been not more than 17 or 18 years old.

I asked if I could have paper before he even began ringing up my purchases. He responded that Yes, I could have paper instead of plastic. So he rung up my very few purchases -- I was buying only two grocery items.

With his left hand, he routinely opened the prepositioned plastic bag, and with his right hand he put my two items in the plastic bag. As soon as I saw him loading my items in the plastic bag, I politely informed him that I had asked for paper. He immediately apologized, unbagged the items from the plastic bag, reached on the shelf to the paper bags seemingly hidden away on a bottom shelf, and placed my items in the paper bag. I thanked him, gave him a friendly smile, and left the store.

Memory Loss -- Preventive Measures

Sometimes when someone (including myself) makes a mistake, I instinctly, many times without really realizing it -- try to come up with ways that the mistake (albeit small) could have been prevented. So I thought -- now if he had the paper bags neatly stacked on the open counter behind the plastic bags, maybe he would have remembered that I had asked for paper.

Then I came up with another premise. Maybe he just broke up with his girlfriend and was thinking about how he could get her back; therefore, he was not concentrating on what I requested. Of course there are many other things that could have been going on in his life.

Five Ways to Improve Your Memory

I started off with this grocery story to let you know that yes, even young people forget things and do not remember everything.

The good news is you can improve your memory as well as teach your brain to remember, regardless of your age. Additionally you can do things to help keep your brain at optimal performance, not only to remember things, but when your brain is needed to do the gazillion of things required in daily living.

Without further ado, here are five ways you can improve your memory.

Five Ways to Improve your Memory

1. Complete easy crossword puzzles: You may have learned from many sources that completing crossword puzzles is a way to improve your memory. The new information I'm sharing with you is the crossword puzzles do not have to be difficult or hard to solve.

I personally use the Dell paperback easy crossword puzzles -- the book that only has crosswords -- none of the other word puzzle games. If you prefer a variety of puzzles, that's not a problem. The type of word puzzles you want to solve will depend on your own personal preference.

You will feel a sense of achievement when you complete the easy crossword puzzles -- in let's say 10 to 15 minutes or less. Of course the completion times among different individuals will vary.

There is no need to complete the whole crossword puzzle book -- unless you want to. Change up and get the next issue or even move up to the more difficult puzzles to give your brain a different challenge.

Among the plusses of completing easy crossword puzzles is they are inexpensive to purchase -- a lot costing less than $3.00.

A note of caution here. Apparently the term "easy" is relative. So before you purchase an "easy" crossword puzzle book, glance through and flip through the pages to see if you can easily solve the puzzles. If you are having difficulty coming up with the correct answers, then the crossword puzzle is not easy. Pass on this one, and choose a crossword puzzle that is actually "easy."

I once purchased a brand other than Dells that purported to be "easy." The puzzles were far from being easy. I quickly dished it and returned to my trusty Dell easy crossword puzzle book.

An added benefit of crossword puzzles is lots of the puzzles are about current events and personalities -- so you may learn something new in the process.

In this day of online-gaming, you may also search the web for crossword puzzles.

2. Put things back in a very specific place: I think one of the most misplaced items in today's households may be the television remote. Often I would move around from room to room with my remote in hand, placing the remote different places, without any thought. I would invariably forget where I left the remote.

Before I came up with my memory system, I would dig behind the pillows on the couch, or go from room to room, trying to remember where I placed the remote. I have even tilted my sofa forward from the back to locate my remote when it slipped through the sofa to the floor!

Constantly looking for the remote got old quickly. I now make sure I place all four of my remotes (you may have more or less) in the same spot when not in use. I place them side by side on the TV table. So after selecting a channel, or when I've finished channel surfing, I routinely stand up, walk the few steps and return the remote back to the TV table.

If you have a wall mounted TV, you may want to choose a coffee table, stand or someplace else to park your remotes. The key here is the location where you place your remotes must be the same spot each time, so you can remember where you left it. The area will be the designated location for your remotes. You can use this system for other items as well.

3. Play video games that exercise your brain: I'm advocating playing video games regardless of what age you may be. Just be sure you adhere to the video game rating and pick one that is suitable for your age. I have a link below on a study that was done that shows playing video games is good for you. I have also included my link below on how to choose video games.

One of the video games I've been playing that is beneficial for my memory is called Zuma Deluxe. The goal of the game is simple. Just match the color balls that are propelled from the frog's mouth with the same color of the balls that are moving around the board -- before all the balls end up in the skull's mouth. If this happens, your game is over. Then just start again.

You advance to a higher level with different flow patterns of the colorful balls depending on your game play. The faster you match the colors, the better. Your game playing is timed and the game shows your best time score. When you remember where the matching color balls are located, the quicker you can advance to the next level.

4. Devise your own method to remember things: For example, there is a building that I have to enter in order to reach a destination that has two glass doors for entrance that are about a few steps apart. To get past the first door, I have to pull -- to get past the second door I have to push. You may have already guessed that I would push on the first door, and pull on the second door -- which was frustating at times, especially if I was carrying packages.

So I came up with a way to remember which door did what.

When spelling pull and push -- both words start with "pu" -- however the third letter differs. Pull, has an "l", while Push has an "s". "L" comes before "S" in the alphabet, so I equate this with the two doors. I pull on the first door, since "l" comes before "s" and therefore is first, and of course push comes second, so I push on the second door.

It would be simpler and easier if the signs "Pull" and "Push" were posted or printed on the glass doors -- but until that time and if that happens -- my way to remember which door to pull and which to push is working well for me.

You may be able to use a similar system to help you remember.

5. Take notes and make lists: I want to caution you not to go to the extreme in taking notes and making lists. Only you know the amount of note taking and list making that is appropriate for you.

For instance, some professors when they are lecturing sometimes say, "There's no need to write this down." -- but invariably what is not written down appears on a test later. So to be on the safe side, I usually jot down a few notes anyway.

Regarding lists -- try not to overdo making lists. Leave room for your brain to work and try to remember what it was you wanted to do or accomplish. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment just by remembering something without making a list.

For those things where making a list is a must -- for example -- regarding grocery shopping, studies have shown that making a list saves you money and reduce "impulse" buys.

However, sometimes when I shop I use my brain to make choices -- without a list just to see what new items are out there that I would like to try for a change.

Remember -- Just like your muscles, your brain needs to be exercised and used.

There are many other ways to improve your memory. These are the five methods that you can do right away with little investment of time or money.

Memory power rules!

Exercises to Improve Your Memory


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