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10 Ten different Types of Vegan Diet

Updated on July 10, 2017

10 Different Types of Vegan Diet

Veganism is the adoption of the vegan diet. The vegan diet is that in which a person completely avoid animal products like meat and eggs. The vegans solely depend on plant products such as fruits and vegetable. Veganism is a healthy diet, it contains all the essentials classes of food. The plant products have fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins. Veganism is classified into different types;

1. Junk Food Vegan


This type of diet is one in which the vegan entirely depend on plant products not for health purpose but for simply adopting the veganism diet. It helps the people who are interested in changing their diet to being a vegan.

Common food to be adopted by this category include;

a) Soy ice cream
b) Tofurky pizza


2. Whole Food Vegan

The vegans do avoid the processed foods and they entirely depend on cooked food. The do not prefer the paced food since they believe that it may contain traces of animal products. They are careful in keeping their diet pure. The foods that they eat include;

a) Whole grains, such as rice and corn
b) Legumes such as beans and peas

3. Raw Vegan Diet

This type of veganism is one in which one depends only on raw foods. The raw food can be eaten directly from the plant or it can be chilled. Some raw foods are hard and may need to be softened with heat a little. Common foods for this diet are;

a) Fruits
b) Uncooked veggies
c) Butternuts

4. The Low Fat Raw Vegans

This veganism is commonly termed as 80/10/10. The name descended from the practice of eating 80% of carbs, 105 of proteins and 10% fats. This diet emphasizes in keeping the fat content very low and the taking bigger portion of fruits. The foods that make up this diet are;

a) Raw fruits like the banana smoothies
b) Grains

5. Starchy Veganism


This kind of diet emphasizes on taking the high content of carbohydrates and keeping the content of fat is low. This is diet is oriented much on the cooked food. This diet is normally advised by medics, they believe that it helps to reduce weight. Common food include;

a) Cooked potatoes
b) Cooked veggies
c) Baked oatmeal

6. Beauty Detox Vegan

This diet is commonly adopted by the people who are interested in keeping their bodies. To achieve this kind of veganism one needs to adopt fermented foods and balanced foods. They usually take green drinks made from raw foods.

7. Fruitarianism Vegan Diet

This diet focuses more on utilizing the fresh fruits. This type of diet is adopted mostly by the people who live in climatic zones that are hotter. It is mainly preferred by people who have ailments especially skin diseases. The most emphasized foods in this category are;

a) Fresh fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and dates.
b) Green vegetables
c) Raw edible seeds

8. SOS- Free Vegan Diet

This veganism diet is one in which the person avoids completely the sugars, oil, and salts. The foods of the vegetarians for this category is completely free from salt, be it cooked or raw. The common foods for this class include;

a) Whole grains
b) Less nuts
c) Legumes
d) Fruits and vegetables

9. Esselstyne Heart Healthy Diet

This kind of food is normally used to treat a heart condition. It is commonly made of whole grains and completely no fats and oils. The foods include;

a) Vegetables and fruits. Avocado fruit is avoided as it contains oils.
b) All the legumes
c) Beverages that include, coffee, tea, and water.

10. Engine 2 Diet


This veganism diet helps in lowering the cholesterol in the body. This helps to lower the risks of a heart problem. The foods that make up this diet include;

a) Fruits and veggies
b) Legumes
c) Whole grains


There are so many types of diets. The veganism diet is one in which people do avoid at all cost the taking of animal products. This diet is normally known to be the healthiest diet and is commonly recommended by nutritionists and medical professionals. This diet is further classified into different classes. The people who adopt this diet are either having a motive of maintaining healthy living or they have health complications or they simply adopt the diet because they choose to be their lifestyle. Although the diet is recommended, it cannot be sufficient on its own, animal products do have benefits too to our bodies. In addition, it is good to adopt a lifestyle that accepts all the food types.

7 Reasons Why you Must try Vegan Diet

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