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Ten of the Strangest Phobias

Updated on September 3, 2018

Phobias can seem weird, but they are no laughing matter. People with phobias experience a very intense fear that can cause disruption to their lives. Phobias can make it difficult to participate in certain activities or get help. I personally experience a phobia, and I know how tough it can be to get people to understand that it is more then just "being scared". If you know someone with a phobia, treat them with kindness and respect, and don't tease them. A true phobia is far more then a simple fear or dislike. Here are some of the stranger phobias out there that people may suffer from.

*This Hub looks at some of the rarer phobias - if you have a phobia, you may want to avoid this Hub in order to avoid being triggered.

Papyrophobia - phobia of paper
Papyrophobia - phobia of paper

Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper

People with this phobia may fear dry, wet, dirty or torn paper. Sufferers may be unable to touch paper at all. People may fear different kinds of paper, such as tissue paper, lined paper, printer paper, or other forms of paper. It can manifest in different ways, and there may be different levels of discomfort. Megan Fox is said to suffer from papyrophobia, and can't handle any paper that is not laminated.

Metrophobia - phobia of poetry or poems
Metrophobia - phobia of poetry or poems | Source

Metrophobia – Fear of Poetry

People with this phobia have a fear of poetry, or metered verse. These people may be unable to read or listen to any poetry. Some suffers may not even be able to hold a poetry book, as this may cause them to have a panic attack or starting experiencing high anxiety. This can make it difficult for people to shop in bookstores or take certain classes in academia.

Somniphobia - phobia of sleep or sleeping
Somniphobia - phobia of sleep or sleeping | Source

Somniphobia – Fear of Sleep

Some people have a fear of going to sleep or being asleep. These people may end up suffering from insomnia. They may also use dangerous means to try and stay awake. Suffers may fear the actual act of sleeping, or they may fear what happens to them when they fall asleep. Treatment can involve sleeping medications and therapy in order for sufferers to live a normal life. Somniphobia can be an extremely difficult phobia to deal with day after day.

Lachanophobia - phobia of vegetables
Lachanophobia - phobia of vegetables | Source
Koumpounophobia - phobia of buttons
Koumpounophobia - phobia of buttons | Source

Lachanophobia – Fear of Vegetables

Plenty of people don’t like vegetables, but some people have a serious fear of them. This fear could be to all vegetables, certain colored veggies, or only those that are grown in the ground and have to be dug up. Some people with this phobia may develop nutrition imbalances due to their food avoidance.

Koumpounophobia – Fear of Buttons

Buttons seem harmless, but many people have a fear of them. They may be afraid of all buttons or just certain styles. The fear may come from a belief that they are dirty, or some people do not like the button holes. Other people may not have a reason for the fear, but simply fear them immensely and feel panicked when handling them.

Nomophobia - phobia of not having a cell phone or losing your cell phone signal
Nomophobia - phobia of not having a cell phone or losing your cell phone signal | Source

Nomophobia – Fear of Losing Mobile Phone Signal

This is a fairly recent phenomenon, and is not yet an official phobia. However, it has been suggested for official recognition as more people start experiencing it. People with this phobia will have a very intense fear of being unable to use their cell phone due to no signal. This phobia could also include running out of battery power, losing a phone, or breaking the mobile device. People may also experience fear if they do not have their cell phone with them - if it becomes lost or stolen.

Phobophobia - phobia of fear or phobias
Phobophobia - phobia of fear or phobias | Source
Genuphobia - phobia of knees
Genuphobia - phobia of knees | Source

Phobophobia – Fear of Fear

There are some individuals who actually have a phobia of phobias. They are terrified of being afraid. Unfortunately, this can lead to them developing other phobias, and many sufferers lead isolated lives. This is a phobia that requires extensive work to conquer.

Genuphobia – Fear of Knees

This is a fear related to knees. People will this issue may be unable to look at knees or touch them. They may also not allow people to touch or look at their own knees. This phobia may be related to a traumatic incident involving the body part, such as experiencing or witnessing a knee dislocation or laceration.

Eisoptrophobia - phobia of mirrors or reflective surfaces
Eisoptrophobia - phobia of mirrors or reflective surfaces | Source

Eisoptrophobia – Fear of Mirrors

People with this phobia have a severe fear of mirrors. They may be unable to look into a mirror or any reflective surface. This fear could be related to their own appearance or superstitions. Some people with the phobia are terrified of breaking a mirror, due to the correlation with bad luck.

Geliophobia - phobia of laughter or laughing
Geliophobia - phobia of laughter or laughing | Source

Geliophobia – Fear of Laughter

Those with geliophobia are afraid of laughter. This may be all laughter or only certain types of laughter, like giggling or chuckling. People can get help for this debilitating phobia through intensive therapy, including exposure therapy. Exposure therapy means slowly exposing the person to the phobia slowly, so they can get used to it bit by bit.

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