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Ten things to be grateful for that are free!

Updated on October 25, 2011

Think Positive! What am I grateful for?

What am I grateful for? is often a good question to ask ourselves. Positive "reinforcement" is often necessary and a good tool is to make a list or write in a gratitude journal- a daily journal where we write down things that made us happy, even little things, to train our brain to think more positive!

Take a few moments to think about these 10 THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR THAT ARE FREE PLEASE NOTE.........THESE ARE IN RANDOM ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) A child's laughter- playing with children is so refreshing and so much fun. I can't think of more fun than building castles in the sand......

2) Really Cold Drinking Water- When it's hot out and when the day is long, I thirst for pure refreshment with 0 calories....Oh! How good it is! In my state we have clean drinking water too, that is just as good they say as bottled water. Drinking 8 glasses or more a day is healthy to stay hydrated. (Compare this to constantly drinking sugary soft drinks and you may increase your water (H2O) intake!

3) A Good friend- to talk to on the phone or care for you when you're sick. A good friend is always appreciated.

4) Fresh air- Especially after rain or on a cool, crisp evening while going for a walk, and when it's breezy!

5) Sun (on my skin)- How nice it feels to sit in the sun, on a sunny day while walking through nature or while at a pool or the beach lounging and relaxing and feel it's caressing rays! When the sun shifts it's position in the sky (or the clouds moving make it seem that way) it feels like God or the Sun is carressing me with it's warm invisible hands.

6)Serenity- those moments when one feels all is right in the world, when we feel peaceful and clam--sometimes after prayer, exercise or a brisk walk

7) God- (again these are not in order of importance!!) or a purpose/person greater than ourselves perhaps a higher power as in AA, who inspires us to try and do better as we face daily challenges, and who we feel loves us with such unconditional love. What else could make us feel so cuddled like a child, than God's unconditional love- a love that desires our love in return....We need this in our lives, it's a basic need along with food, shelter, and clothing. Thank God for God! Thanks to Jesus.

8) Rainbows!- A beautiful rainbow is always a joy. Seeing them is not often either and makes me appreciate them more, They will brighten a day for a child, sick person, old person, or anyone. Who doesn't like rainbows? They also remind people of the covenant in the Bible with Noah when God had flooded the earth, that this would be a sign that no more would God flood the earth; so rainbows are a sign of that promise and of hope.

9) Smiles- :) YOu can't get enough of smiles :) :-) :-O Even in writing on facebook or instant messaging people use symbols for smiles :-) !! You can cheer up yourself and also anyone with a smile. We all need it, and even if we give a fake smile to ourselves, the muscles in our face automatically make us feel better, it's been smile!

10) choosing to be kind- How valuable and sweet to be kind to others like for example: the elderly and sick friends, who need a loving hug or a listening ear. Too often is this uncommon today or underestimated in value. The Bible says "Charity (Love) covers a multitude of sins..........For the greatest of these is charity (of faith hope and charity)" Sorry, I don't know the verse in the Bible, but most of us are familiar with this one. It even goes on to say..."Charity is not jealous, or boastful, is not prideful, or wish evil on others.."

be Happy!

Learn How to think positively!


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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

      Perfect timing ,Shadesbreath!

      Thanks! for a lovely uplifting comment.

      Wishing you happy days!! :)

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 6 years ago from California

      A baby's laughter is probably the singularly sweetest sound on earth.

      The cold water thing... that is such a perfect example of something to be grateful for. Who hasn't had the perfect thirst that made cold water the best taste of all possible tastes, the best texture and temperature. The taste of life, really, multi-sensational. Good call on that.

      I envy you the God thing. I'm glad you have him and enjoy such comfort. I wish I could.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago from USA


      I read one of your hubs and I see you like dogs- hence the name k-9! Nice :) Words....Thank you, K9 , your words are unimaginagly CLEVER!! Thanks!

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      Words are the free wonder of my world. To read the things that touch and move and cause pain and joy in others is the biggest free gift God has granted any of us. Your simple hub here has raised a measure of thought that drives a greatful heart to drink in the page. You are the gift today schoolgirlforreal!

      Good topic!


    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago from USA

      @ Appreciate Life

      God is number 1 to me. I wrote them in random order. Thank you for stopping by.

    • Appreciate Life profile image

      Appreciate Life 7 years ago from KAJANG, MALAYSIA

      Great Hub!! small things in life that we take for granted. anyway God should be no 1 though