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Ten things to do while pregnant with your significant other!

Updated on January 7, 2014

Dinner At Home Date Night!!

Having Fun Together!

  1. Cook dinner together, with non- alcoholic wine or sparkling juice, make all the dressings and don’t forget the candles. Find unique recipes you think you will both love and have a night in the kitchen!
  2. Movie Night- Enjoy some quality time together grab a bite to eat, and head to the movies, pick a movie you both will enjoy. Hold hands and cuddle the whole time!
  3. Coffee date and bakery goodies- Take a pad of paper and a pen and head to a little coffee shop, order your favorite drinks and some yummy goodies and enjoy dreaming together. Don’t forget to write down your dreams and hopes and wishes.

Take Pictures Together

Always have eye contact!!

  • Cooking Classes- Take a cooking class that interests both of you, try a Chinese class or Italian, these classes can vary in experience needed and in time. Some are two hours long and they cook everything and some are six hours long and they teach and show you how to cook a full meal.

  • Star gazing with hot chocolate and a load of blankets- Pile a bunch of Blankets into your vehicle on a nice and dark starry night, pack chocolates and maybe some fruit for snacking on. Oh and don’t forget the thermos of hot chocolate or tea and hit the road to a nice field and cuddle up watching the sky. This can be a very romantic night enjoy it.

  • Dinner date night- Once a month take turns planning a dinner date night. Try new places and every time order something you normally wouldn’t. It’s fun to try new things together and who knows maybe you will find that perfect restaurant that you continue to go to for years to come.

Have You Ever?

Have you planned a complete surprise date for you significant other?

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Enjoy the little moments

  • Going for a nature walk – Pick a nice day where it is not to hot or cold and head outside and enjoy your surroundings. Find paths or make your own but have fun with it, maybe throw some leaves or build a snow man, whatever the case is remember to breath in the fresh air and hold hands.

  • Going for a long drive to nowhere and having a picnic – Take the back roads to where ever they may take you, find a nice clearing and have a picnic!

  • Go to a museum or zoo - Be sure to pack extra snacks and water, and don't forget to take a few breaks every once in a while.

  • Go swimming - This can be a wonderful date all throughout your pregnancy. The water helps alleviate some of the weight and pressure caused by your ever growing tummy. Plus if you can find a wave pool bobbing in the waves can be quite entertaining.

Have fun together!

Maybe a few more then 10...

  • Go for massages, or give each other massages at home
  • Go window shopping together – From looking at stuff for your home to planning your un born babies room window shopping is a fun way to enjoy time together and plan for the future
  • Have a bath together – this may get trickier as you get bigger but it is always nice to be together and relaxing in a bathtub.
  • Go on a mini vacation together, to the mountains, a favorite camping place, the ocean or where ever you would be relaxed and have fun together!

Mini Vacation to Banff

Try To Enjoy Being Pregnant!

I know sometimes it is very hard to look at the bright side of being pregnant, aka when you are looking in the bowl of your toilet, Or when you are so pregnant you can no longer see your toes. Just remember there is a little person in you growing and so enough they will be the centre of your world. So enjoy all the time you can with your partner, because once that little bundle of joy comes it can be over whelming and gets harder to plan some alone time. Don't underestimate the power of just cuddling and watching movies, it can strengthen your bond and put some of your stressing to the side.

I hope your pregnancy goes by without much worry and that you have fun trying new things together.


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