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How to enjoy life? Essential tips and suggestions!

Updated on June 24, 2014

Enjoyment in your hands.

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life’ – Arvil Lavigne

Everyone in this world wants to enjoy life! But only those who appreciate the blessings in their life know the trick to live their life to the full. But most of you make your life complicated by not noticing the goodness you have. Life is so short to be wasted on unwanted thoughts and feelings.

What do you feel you need to enjoy life?

  • You want all the good things in life
  • You do not want any problems
  • You want to visit exotic places
  • You adore good food.
  • You want good clothes
  • You want to be rich.

These are all superficial happiness and give you just momentary enjoyment. Enjoyment in life means much more. It has depth and meaning and makes your life fulfilled and worthwhile. Do you think about your new car or trendy clothes and sit back in enjoyment? You know that they do not in any way contribute to your inner happiness.

There are certain things which make your life enjoyable and agreeable.

What does enjoyment in life really mean?

  • Good family relationships
  • Humanity
  • Empathizing people
  • Dedication to your work
  • Quality time with your spouse and children.
  • Sharing the problems of others
  • True charity

1. Count your blessings

Have you ever counted your blessings? You take for granted that you are entitled to a perfect life without any liabilities. So you overlook all the good things God has blessed you with. You are not satisfied with what you have got and want more and more.

Have you ever thought that you are blessed with a pair of legs to walk eyes to see the world and a discerning brain? The list of your blessings is endless. Imagine your life without them! Your life will be uncertain and gloomy,

Have you seen the physically and mentally challenged? They too have to live their life and they do not have any of the advantages you enjoy. But they take up the challenge and lead their life with impregnable grit and determination. Your problems are nothing compared to them and so you must enjoy life without cribbing about your misfortune.

2. No grudge against anyone

When someone hurts you, you harbor grudge against the person. Why make yourself sick with worry about a person who means nothing to you! A person who hurts you deliberately does not deserve anything from you, not even your grudge. Will you harbor grudge against some stranger? You forget him as a nonentity in your life, don’t you?

Is the person so powerful that he makes your life a torture? When someone rubs you the wrong way and goes out of the way to disturb your life, you should deviate from that person and show that you are different and magnanimous. Your happiness means more to you than the grudge you have against him.

3. Sincerity in work

How many of you can say with confidence that you do your work with sincerity? If you say ‘yes’ hats off to you for possessing this excellent quality which makes you enjoy both work and life. Dedication and sincerity are good qualities which elevate you to great success and victory. Your dedication makes you do your work with proficiency and your sincerity makes you loyal to your job.

Do you think that your work is just a means of making money? If this is your attitude you will be earning money, but you will not enjoy your work. Your work might be your livelihood, but it should also be a means of proving your worth as an intelligent and extraordinary person who contributes a great deal to the success of your company.

4. Live for the present

Did you have a miserable past? Is it intruding into your present life to make it wretched? Then it is time you forgo this habit as you should not lose your enjoyment of the present by brooding over your bitter past.

Your past should never disturb you as it is gone and done with. Do you want a cancelled check or virtual money in hand? Your past is like a cancelled check which is of no use to you! But your present is virtual money in hand and so you must make the most of it.

Let past be past and let future take care of itself. When you live for the present you have better concentration of what should be done. Since your mind is clear of all the miseries of the past and fears about the future, your present life becomes more enjoyable and pleasurable.

5. Friendliness is also enjoyment

You have good friends and find it easy to be friendly with them. But how to do you react to strangers? Are you stiff and reserved with them? They too are human like you and you should try to be friendly with them.

You will be meeting many new people in your life and you cannot stay away from interacting with them. Your friendly overtures will be liked by them and this is yet another quality to make you satisfied and happy with your life.

6. Your appearance matters

Do you know that your appearance is a prelude to your success? Do you know it can also make you happy? ‘How can my appearance make me happy?’ How do you feel when you are well dressed and you are appreciated for your looks? You literally glow with happiness, don’t you? Why is outer appearance very important? In this fast paced world people do not have the patience to judge your character and so assume it through your looks.

When you dress smartly you feel assertive and attract people. Your presentable looks send out the message that you are a very confident person and draws people towards you. When people are drawn towards you it makes you people skilled, yet another essential quality for success in life. Success always procures enjoyment for you, doesn’t it?

7. Quality time with family

Do you spend quality time with your family? In your tight work schedule you find it sapping to talk with your family. But your life will be a meaningless existence if it is all work and no enjoyment.

If you do not spend fun moments with your family how can you enjoy good relationship? It is for their betterment you work, don’t you? You should spend your free time interacting with them. Your tiredness, stress, tension and worries will all go away if you spend laughing moments with them.

8. Be kind to yourself.

Have you done something wrong? Did you judge yourself harshly? Do you feel that you are a lesser person? These qualities can make you sad and depressed. If there is one person who knows you well, it is you.

Do not make mistakes be a deterrent to your enjoyment in life. Have you not done your work with perfection today? Never mind! It is just one of those days and let it go away without affecting you. There is always a tomorrow where you can prove your worth. Have you hurt someone? Do not brood about it and make yourself miserable. You can apologize to the person as it makes you feel light hearted.

9. Be health conscious

Can you enjoy life if you are unhealthy? Do not take your health lightly and ruin it. A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and a healthy mind makes you look at life as it should be. You should eat healthy food and do regular exercises to main your body weight. Healthy habits make you look good and feel good.

10. Be optimistic

Do you know that when you are optimistic you feel confident to succeed? It makes you do everything with a positive mindset. When you have pessimistic outlook towards life, you cannot have a day of peace and you become glum and gloomy. How can a gloomy and despondent person enjoy anything in life?

‘Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.’ Eddie Cantor

A happy mindset is a blessing not all are gifted with. This mindset comes only when you live your life with satisfaction and fulfillment. Being honest against odds, being helpful when others are in trouble, being sincere in your work, showing humanity to the lesser people, being humble in your success all pave the way for absolute enjoyment of your life.

© 2013 mathira


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