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Test Clear Reviews (

Updated on January 13, 2010

Test Clear ( Reviews

In this review, we find out who Test Clear are and what they provide. We look into user reviews and opinons and see how the products perform.

Drug testing information

There are different reasons why drug tests are used. The most common reasons being for pre employment checks and for athletes competing in events. Sometimes tests are used for parents checking their child for drug use.

There are commonly four different ways this can be done: Testing of the urine, sweat, saliva and hair. All these sources from the body can leave traces of drugs or toxins ranging from hours to days depending on the type of toxin in the body. It is outside the scope of this review to describe all these. For more information read the Wikipedia page on drug testing.

Test Clear Introduction has been one of the most popular online drug testing related companies for the past few years. They receive approximately 17,000 visitors a month. Here are the categories of products they cover:

  • Pass a supervised test: Detoxing programs and products to help remove toxins in order to pass tests.
  • Test Yourself: Drug testing kits to test yourself or others and see if there are traces of drugs in the body.
  • Detox yourself: Programs and products to help you get that detox.
  • Detect Drugs: Test substances for identification as used by test labs.

Test clear popular products:

Powdered Urine Kit - Commonly used to pass unsupervised urine drug tests. I guess the ethical side of this is down to one's judgement.

Powdered urine has apparently never failed, therefore the product itself always passes for real clean urine, however the challenge is making sure you're not caught using it. This is obviously the risk you'll have to take with this product.

Toxin rid- A detox program used over a number of days.

Toxin rid consists of tablets, fibre and liquid. This is used as a program over a certain number of days. This could be one, two, five etc depending on how much detoxifying is required. Follow the instructions as directed on the site for usage.

Shampoos- Designed to remove traces of drugs from the hair.

Testclear sell a few different shampoos here that are designed to either mask or help remove toxins. User reviews from show a 4 out of 5 rating for Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. However, these users were mainly using the shampoo for removing everyday toxins like mousse and pollutants in the air. reviewed some of the shampoos sold by Testclear and according to their findings, did not help in passing a lab test. It's best to research this yourself and confirm what you read.

Out take on these cleansing or masking shampoos is don't rely on them, unless you've tried and tested some prior to taking an official test.

Ready Clean/ XXXtra Gold Cleansing drink- Drinks used to aid body remove more toxins.

These drinks help the body remove toxins by increasing urination, aiding the body in natural cleansing. Ready Clean is used for mild/moderate toxins and XXXtra Gold used for heavier amounts of toxins in body.

General research found with these products is it can help clear the urine to pass tests if enough time has been giving to using these drinks. The time required depends on the strength and duration of toxins in the body. User feedback and opinions

No formal complaints or scam related issues have been found against

Reviews on forums tend to centre around the useage of the products sold at Test Clear.



  • Reliable customer service
  • Wide range of products related to drug testing and detoxing
  • Established company


  • Although fast detoxing and removing evidence of toxins can work in most cases, it is not 100% effective
  • Getting caught providing a fake urine sample can be risky


If you need help to detox, pass a test or check loved ones for traces of drugs, then this resource is reliable and genuine.


Prices vary from product. There is usually a special promotion on.

If you're going to use test clear, here is a discount code for 5% off:

Step 1, copy the code: 5PERCENTOFF

Step 2, Visit Official site


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    • profile image

      Michael 10 months ago

      Complete disaster. Ruined my reputation in my field. Do not buy this product. I did everything they said. Had I know it wouldn't work, I would have backed out of the test. It ruined any future chances that I had with this company. My suggestion is that if you have any doubts that you won't pass, back out or you will ruin your future plans. Total Scam!

    • profile image

      Thomas 11 months ago

      Testclear doesn't work. Don't buy the expensive shampoo, I did and failed. Used the mac method. Didn't get the job, only burned skin, and lost $270.00. 07/17

    • profile image

      Mike 11 months ago

      I bought the 10 day toxin rid and all it did was make me go to the bathroom. DO NOT waste your money. It is a BIG ripoff

    • profile image

      Pebble583 14 months ago

      TestClear sucks hey are standing by their 200% money back guarantee the giving me issues trying to give me 50% off I don't want 50% off I want my money back I failed the test!! Don't buy this shit not worth $109

    • profile image

      stacy 15 months ago

      Test clear customer service is TRASH. The worst people I've ever had to deal with. This is a terrible scam artist company, go on ebay and buy from there for half the price. Do not give them money

    • profile image

      jamesk 20 months ago

      testclear if full of shit they claim other products dont work and the fact is they do ive used tinkle and the only place it don't work is north state drug and alcohol testing that's it. you can call them and thell tell you the facts and take care of any issues asap they even helped my friends ..

    • profile image

      jjmonty34 22 months ago

      I'll make it quick. Do not order next day shipping on Sunday from Testclear. You will not get it on Monday. That's false advertising. I called the guy(rude ass) and he told me to take it up with UPS . He would not give a refund or an alternative. I will post again after I use the product and let you guys know the outcome. Thanks

    • profile image

      Carlos Davidso 23 months ago

      I want to thank TestClear for helping me figure out which product was suitable for me. I'm a chain smoker but stopped smoking 30 days ago to clear my test. I was told by testing facility that I would be taking a hair test. Then I placed my order from TestClear and received it the next day. Your hair cleansing kit worked absolutely great. I Passed! Thanks for helping me out of this. You guys are awesome!

    • profile image

      Stella Howard 23 months ago

      I was shocked when I was told that I was required to take a drug test to continue my job! At that moment, I started looking around for options. A friend referred me TestClear! I visited their website to get more details, and I was satisfied. I order the product and cleared my test with flying colours! It feels great now, thank you! I will be doing business with you again.

    • profile image

      Douglas Holder 23 months ago

      I just wanted to you guys know that you are WONDERFUL!! You guys have helped me save my job, house and family. I'm telling all my friends!!!! Thanks again!!!

    • profile image

      jason 24 months ago

      I tryed the 10 day detox and done everything i had to plus more im a light smoker and had stopped 3 weeks before doing my detox i would like to say thanks to test clear i didnt pass my urine test lost a good job and wasted good money on there products i would advise anyone Thinking of using there products not to as u can buy the same herbal product from any chemist or herbal shop for bugger all the best way to clear yourself is do it naturally its the only way Thanks again test clear fir ripping me off and probally thousands of other people enjoy your fancy cars and your mansions and expensive hoildays while you pray on people that that believe your products work from fake statements and that money back guarantee what a joke thats again test clear your bloody awesome

    • profile image

      WandaMcCane 24 months ago

      I am a member of the medical team with ministry and wanted to share my experience with TESTCLEAR. We have used rather I put it this way..We are using many of TestClear products for testing purposes and we are fully satisfied with the results. We don’t need to go for a second opinion. We shall also continue using your products. You guys have really eased us of pressure by finding the guilty. Thanku so much TESTCLEAR!!

    • profile image

      Sean R Butcher01 24 months ago

      I had lost almost all my hopes until I came here. You guys not only motivated me but also helped striking a light in my sorrowful life. Being a graduate, I had lost almost 5 job offers that too just because I had failed in their so called ‘drug test”. You guys introduced me Purine…!!! And Bingo, now I have got two jobs in less than a month’s time.. My success owes to you…Ah!!!! What can I say!!! Love you Guys!!!!

    • profile image

      Williehyde 24 months ago

      I won’t lie, I used to smoke weed for years. Everything was going great until a surprised drug test got me canned off my job! I got a notice to pass a drug test within 3 days to get a new job. So I ordered a cleansing product from TestClear and passed my test easily! You guys saved me.

    • profile image

      Suniltulsiani 2 years ago

      Few days back when I was really stressed about being tested for my new job, a friend of mine suggested me to use TestClear. Just a few days before I was getting a hair test, I ordered the shampoo from your website and passed the test easily and started my new job the following Monday! Thank you guys for helping me start a new life!

    • profile image

      The Dog 2 years ago

      Normally I don't post reviews, but wanted to come to the defense of Testclear. I been doing business with them for 15 years and never had any issues. I own many jobs to their existence. I have never tried any of the Detox products (I mainly use the Powdered Urine Kit). But to call them crooks is way out of line. Sounds like you got the product so that that's not the same as you never getting your product. I was in chat with their drug testing adviser asking them about the detox programs and they told me they are not 100 percent. No oral product is going to work 100 percent of the time for everyone. Next time I recommend you use the Powdered Urine Kit which has never failed me.

    • profile image

      CeeP 2 years ago

      Do not buy from these crooks. My first shipment of the 5 day detox got lost. I didn't have time to wait to find out if I'll ever get it or not so I ordered a second time. Then the first package came in a few days later. I tried to return the first order and they wouldn't accept because they don't give any refunds on unused products, even when the shipped package wasn't even open yet. Also, the number on their website is for potential customers and not for current customers. Getting any help at all from these people after you have given them your money is a pain. And I believe it's the same damn guy on the phone every time you call.

      Anyways, I took the 5 day detox program and failed the take home test. I am a very light smoker and weigh less than 125 lbs. So I figure I might as well take the extra 5 day detox I couldn't get refunded. Still failed... don't waste your money.

    • profile image

      Dan 2 years ago

      Failed my test with toxin rid

    • profile image

      Danrodgerson 2 years ago

      I had lost almost all my hopes until I came here. You guys not only motivated me but also helped striking a light in my sorrowful life. Being a graduate, I had lost almost 5 job offers that too just because I had failed in their so called ‘drug test”. You guys introduced me Purine…!!! And Bingo, now I have got two jobs in less than a month’s time.. My success owes to you…Ah!!!! What can I say!!! Love you Guys!!!!

    • profile image

      Phil the IT Manager 2 years ago

      I wanted to comment on the testclear website however I did not see a place to add comments or a blog so I posting here in order to pass along my comments on your product (Powdered Urine Kit).

      The results from my test, as you probably are aware, was a SUCCESS. As a top IT Consulting Manager, I on numerous occasions have to enter into contracts with clients requiring myself and staff to be drug-screened (5-panel) as part of the contract to be employed.

      What is the reason I am writing this time is that I used a 13 month old shipment of powdered urine that while taking 25 min and a pliers and wrench to tweezer out little chunks of hardened powder from the small vial, I was able to completely use around 90% of the vial and was unsure until I got the results yesterday that the urine was still "good". Your site was quite helpful with regard to the testing ahead of time using the thermometer to see the rainbow and how to cool down or help heat up the specimen.

      The one caveat to the whole process with using a year old shipment was that the heat warmers seemed to only last for 5-10 min and thankfully, with two, I was able to apply the 2nd one shortly before going to the testing center. Additionally, I would recommend anybody going to a facility where you will be UN-Monitored to wear sunglasses, a cap, and a jacket and have your cell phone handy. In this way when you go into the room when they will ask you to take off your coat and hat, you can fumble for a little bit (extra 15 seconds) so that when they ask you "Do you have anything in your pockets or on you?", you can reply "NO I put my phone and water, and sunglasses, all in my jacket along with my wallet. This not only takes the thoughts out of the tester about what they were thinking you might be carrying and legitimately covers up the fact that you are answering with showing the process of phone cap jacket and 15 secs delay that this simple answer of yes to their question are there anything in your pockets totally off on a tangent. Hope this helps and I will always use Test clear now in the future and forever. Thank you so much.

    • profile image

      Kristy 2 years ago

      I could not be happier with the 10 Day Detox product. As a heavy chronic user I was very scared when I was told I would need a drug test for my new job. Fortunately, I had a little over 10 days before I needed to take the test. I purchased extra test strips so I could monitor my process. I tested myself when I got my package and failed. Six days in I had a faint line which technically is a pass. On day 11, one day after completing the program I tested at home again and had a solid pass. I went to the clinic and took the real test. I just got my passing results back and wanted to thank testclear so much for making it possible for me to get this job! The product was expensive and the trips to the bathroom were not that fun but all in all well worth saving my career.

    • profile image

      MilkyWay 2 years ago

      The 5 day toxin rid was awesome! I had a pre-employment urine screen on Monday and passed! I couldn't be happier with the product.

    • profile image

      bismarktax 2 years ago

      Does its job. I had a bottle of this in the past and could never find it in the store after it ran out. This worked out great!

    • profile image

      grafenstein 2 years ago

      Yayy!!! I passed the test…. I got this super exciting news just now… Actually I did not want to use synthetic or artificial urine. I wanted some product which should detoxify my urine by itself. But thanks to XXXtra Gold Cleansing drink which helped me to averse my time of crisis. Guys this drink do wonders..Do give it a try.

    • profile image

      davidkhaywood 2 years ago

      Yayy!!! I passed the test…. I got this super exciting news just now… Actually I did not want to use synthetic or artificial urine. I wanted some product which should detoxify my urine by itself. But thanks to XXXtra Gold Cleansing drink which helped me to averse my time of crisis. Guys this drink do wonders..Do give it a try.

    • profile image

      zilloneresmes 2 years ago

      I received the product today morning, two days before the promise date. I must say your service is excellent and hope your product is good too. I am deeply impressed by your quick service.

    • profile image

      Katherine01 2 years ago

      Hi!! I am high school student. I have started using Detox -Kit few days back and yesterday when I checked..I was like “OMG!!! It’s Negative”. So Now I am all set for my test which is scheduled next week. Kudos to team TESTCLEAR for providing ‘TOXIN RID’. I am overjoyed, happy and feel confident. Thanks for reviving confidence back in me.

    • profile image

      CarolDDouglass 2 years ago

      I am a regular user of Test Clear products and I must say they are the best of their kind rather I should say they are “saviors” for me. I must eulogize the service provided by them. The most trusted and reliable customer service! I am fully satisfied with their products.

    • profile image

      jonesnancy01 2 years ago

      Thanks a ton!!!! Test Clear..I owe my new job to you.. I was almost scared when my employer asked me for a urine examination last week…But Hats Off to TESTCLEAR for their amazing product PURINE. Yesterday, when my boss gave me a clear chit..I was on cloud nine.

    • profile image

      MichelleNRoberts 2 years ago

      Will always recommend. is a very trustworthy company - I highly recommend him to anyone. I had a tight budget and needed a very good quality. They were friendly, polite, efficient and very clean on site. I would not hesitate to recommend them very highly. They are a very experienced company with an excellent track record.

    • profile image

      Beagle2016 2 years ago

      Toxic rod is a scam ! Did a 10 day detox which did not work. Contacted testclear and order another 5 day detox took drug test today and still positive . I am in the process of getting a refund for both detox. Let's see how easy or hard that will be. This company is a joke!!!

    • profile image

      Joseph 2 years ago

      Alright guys I am a habitual smoker and I probably averaged about 2-3 blunts a day sometimes more. I am very fit and work out nearly 5/7 days a week since I am an athlete. I smoked on a monday and was going to test that next monday. I bought the 5 day kit and 3 days in to the kit I was pissing clean on the homemade tests. I combined this with an un godly amount of water nearly 32 ounces every hour. I pissed and shit my brains out. It was getting very old since I only had single ply toilet paper. But if you follow the direction to the T. It will work. At least it did for me a 5'7" 140 athlete. You have to eat right, no fats and a shit ton of protein. Work out and use a sauna or steam room if you can. This product worked for me and did so very well as I passed my probation test 7 days after smoking everyday for years. This is not a test clear representitive on here writing a good review. It actually did work for me. I will use this product again if need be but I will recommend this product to others in need. It is expensive but in my opinion it was very worth it since the consiquences would have been jail time. I am very impressed with the product as well as costomer service. Dont be a dumb ass and put a shit ton of effort into the detox. Thank you test clear!

    • profile image

      Dave 2 years ago

      I used 10 day detox and did everything direction told me to do I drank plenty of water and I am in good shape I run everyday ate no sweets and I failed!!! Product sucks and deff does not work!!! Save your money!!! All u do while on program is piss and crap for 10 days for nothing!!! Don't let test clear fool u! Will not work!

    • profile image

      Disgruntled 2 years ago

      Stay away from test clear! Save your money and buy elsewhere.

    • profile image

      the dude 3 years ago

      Dot requires 90 milliliters or 3 ounces they split it into two samples I just got back from quest I mean Concentra

    • profile image

      aleesha 4 years ago

      I've used testclear powdered urine TWICE for my drug test for my job and it has worked BOTH times with no problems..the powdered urine isn't synthetic its real human urine thts drug free, just in a powdered form to have long shelf life. I've tested with both big labs Labcorps and Quest doesn't matter which lab this kit is an absolute no FAIL! :) Granted its a little pricey...but to be able to keep my job at 13+ an hr I think its definitely worth the sacrifice! Main reason I don't use detox is because I'm a heavy heavy user with a high the substitute option takes care of the detox not working properly. Get the kit ppl! I swear by testclear!

    • profile image

      curt 5 years ago

      can barely read instructions with 225 glasses. you must have a bigger fonts used in the instructions please!!!!

    • profile image

      sky 5 years ago

      This company has SERIOUS ISSUES WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE! One of their workers messed up my order and shipped to my billing address. FIND a different company! Try this one: ureasample

    • profile image

      JR 5 years ago

      Current Price of Testclear Powdered Urine is about $43USD per kit

      I have recently ordered the testclear powdered urine product after reading nothing but good reviews online. The Product is set to arrive at my house this Tuesday after some consideration i do have a few suggestions for you guys. Judging by the online reviews you powdered urine product works every time in fact the only time I\'ve read it not working is when the temp of the sample was off when handed to the nurse not due to the urine it self failing. I do believe however that you would have more business if you lowered the price of your powdered urine kit. Lets face it these days more and more companies are drug testing and not just pre-employment testing either, now many places are subjecting their employees to random drug tests as well and for those people buying enough powdered urine to have on hand for a random test can be costly especially when your getting tested 6 or more times a year. I also think more people would buy you product initially if it were cheaper as well. The thing you have to understand about buying a urine substitute is many people aren\'t willing to make the initial investment due to the fact that there is not to much hype surrounding urine substitution and it is only used by a relatively small percent of the actual working population. This is because people see it as risking a lot taking a chance on synthetic urine no matter how good the reviews are. I mean look at it from their point of view if it does not work it\'s not just a simple matter of getting a refund and that being the end of it, not only will you not get the job but you will have burned a bridge in other words that\'s one less place in you area that you can apply for a job at in the foreseeable future, as jobs will most likely not be calling you back in down the road if it comes up that you failed their drug test in the past. Basically people are afraid of wasting their hard earned money which in this economy can you really blame them, as the price of your powdered urine kit is roughly the cost of one months phone bill or other expenses, this is why people are reluctant to try these substitution products whether they work or not. Also many laboratory\'s these day\'s are doing more to prevent substitution of urine samples,. my friend who works in one of these labs says that they go on websites just like yours just like any other customer you might have and they will order these urine substitutes online just like we do so they can look at them and see how to better detect them in the lab. If the product cannot be detected for then they use indirect methods to dissuade people from using them, for example many labs now require more urine to be given then in the past this is due to lab workers looking at websites like yours to determined how many ML of urine are typically sent out in there orders for example you guy\'s provide 50ml of urine so now some labs are now asking for 60-80ML as the minimum amount of urine one needs to give forcing you to now have to purchase two urine kits at almost 100 bucks (not cheap) this is there way of dissuading people from using substitute urine they figure not many people will want to pay that much for something that may or may not work. while they can\'t raise the minimum amount of urine needed to much they raise it within reason which is to say not so much as to make it hard for people to produce that much urine but just enough to where people can produce that much urine and at the same time keeping the level above what is usually given to customers by websites such as yours which is 50ML. I know that on you website it says that you can add water if you need more but that is easier said than done. In order to successfully add water you would have to bring extra in with you and keep it at the same temp as the substitute urine sample so when added it does not affect the urine temp because when it comes to urine temp and drug testing if the temp is off by even one or two degrees you will fail and essentially waste the money you spent on the urine substitute in the first place. I personally know someone this has happened to, they did everything write but got the temp wrong because they asked for more urine than he expected and when he added the water it messed the urine temp up causing him to fail. It is harder than some people think to keep the urine at the right temp let alone have to sneak in to the testing site with urine and extra water all the while keeping them at the correct temp for usage. Unless of course you buy the urinator which heats the urine electrically but still does not take care of the water temp issue, and the urinator costs 150 bucks online so as you can see it makes the whole prospect of using a urine substitute very iffy for some people who would rather not be bothered with it as people rely on their jobs to support their families, them selves etc... and especially if they have kids they can\'t risk loosing their jobs with a substitute product. This is why i feel that you should reduce the over all price of your product making it less of a financial risk for people to buy, as well as generating many more new customers instead of basing your business off of return customers. Now I\'m sure you get a new customers on your site but no were near the amount you could be getting if you made your product more affordable or at least increase the amount of ML given in each sample it would make your product more appealing to new customers. For example for every 30 units of powdered urine you sell at the current price you could possibly sell 10-20 more than that at a reduced price and thus end up making more money even though you\'re selling it cheaper. I\'m also not so naïve as to think this can last for ever eventually when synthetic urine catches more media buzz in the main stream world as more and more jobs are drug testing we will see the inevitable rise in synthetic urine use and just like when they started to ban certain legal marijuana substitutes they used to sell in gas stations across the nation they will begin to ban powdered/synthetic urine sales as well. in the future the only way to beat a drug test will to be clean your self or find a urine donor who is clean. the ban will most likely start on a sate level meaning certain states will make it illegal to ship your product to them and it will spread from there.

      This is just some friendly advice i do love your company and what it stands for. Thank you

    • profile image

      420Man 6 years ago

      @Jonesy I threw my container away but it was a lot of ingredients. I remember reviewing them, but nothing in there raised a red flag. In the past I used the Testclear Powdered Urine Kit and it worked flawlessly, this last time around I just wanted to get clean naturally (after 10 years of use) and the Toxin Rid did the trick for me.

    • profile image

      Jonesy 6 years ago

      Does anyone know what the main ingredients in Toxin Rid are? It's extremely difficult to find any information on what is actually in their detox packages. Any info would be very much appreciated.

    • profile image

      LongTimeUser 6 years ago

      I've been a long time customer of Testclear since the late 1990's and they have always treated me fair. Too many shady companies out there that sell shady products. At least Testclear tells you how it is. They are always nice to me and their online chat service is awesome. When you get in chat ask them for a coupon code.

    • profile image

      reLewis 6 years ago

      I just used toxin rid and it worked good for me. Five days is the one I used. I called Testclear the place where I purchased it from many times with questions and they were helpful and courteous at all times. I consider my experience A+.

    • profile image

      salztim 6 years ago

      I just wanted to chime in and say that that I passed. Being a heavy user and using the Toxin Rid 10 Day Program was tough. And yes I was visiting the bathroom a lot (Make sure you have lots of reading material), but after it was all said and done I did get my dream job.

    • profile image

      kushawd 6 years ago

      I have read several reviews regarding toxin rid.... Every says it doesn't work for them... However, the gentleman taking orders swears by " science " that it works... I'm taking it and all it's making me do is shit my eyes out. ..

      Jason- how many days supply of toxin rid did you order

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      I used toxin rid and it did not work. When I tried to get my money back they gave me the runaround and changed the toll free number.


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