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Testosterone Creams Revealed

Updated on June 20, 2011

Understanding Testosterone Creams First

Why They May Be Best For You...

Testosterone creams are one of several products that are prescribed by doctors to help men with the problem of getting and keeping their testosterone at levels that are adequate as they age. It is while men age that testosterone often times will decline. This causes a myriad of problems one of which is that fat builds up in certain areas of the body as opposed to the times when testosterone is normal, the body of a man is, comparatively, more lean. Another issue is that depression is more often seen in men with low testosterone but using the creams discussed here is one way that doctors have learned how to overcome depression in some cases.

Testosterone creams are a regular choice for men who want to increase their levels of the hormone and in turn curb the problems that arise from the deficiency. The creams are a way to avoid the injections that is another popular method to supplement testosterone. There are some draw backs to the injections like the weekly visits to a clinic to get them and the testosterone level that will decline as the amount of time increases since the last injection.

These formulas that make up the creams do not result in the highs and lows of the hormone that are sometimes experienced with testosterone injections. The things that make the creams attractive to a person that needs the supplement is that it has no odor or taste and of course it has no sting either. It will provide men with a gradual increase in testosterone that will be absorbed through the skin and eventually into the bloodstream.

The testosterone creams are smoothed into the skin just like a regular lotion although it is a prescription cream and will require the person to do occasional blood tests to find out the effectiveness of the prescription. The tests are done early in the morning before consumption of any food or beverage by drawing a blood sample to analyze. The whole point of this treatment is to bring the testosterone level back within normal range and to make sure that the patient receives what he needs, being careful not to push the level too high.

Testosterone Creams: What They Do

Testosterone creams are applied topically and absorbed through the skin in order to increase the levels of testosterone in the patient. It is usually applied once a day about the same time so that for a 24 hour period the level stays fairly level. It can be applied to several areas of the body including the stomach, upper arms, shoulders and thighs but the upper arm is the most common application area.

It is advisable to rotate these areas if your doctor agrees so one can reduce any potential for skin irritation. One draw back to the cream is the absorption rate. The absorption is about 25% to 60% it is estimated and the volume of cream is adjusted to accommodate this lower rate of absorption.This can be one of the reasons that injections can become the method of choice. They are just more effective at delivering testosterone in the body.

These creams have become a good alternative for those that do not like the injections and for those where the patches do not work well either. These creams have a higher concentration of testosterone per volume so they become a very manageable solution for easy application. The application will give a man a continuous absorption of testosterone via this non invasive method. The testosterone creams are only required to be applied to a small area and they are fast drying and very low in the content of alcohol. It is usually the testosterone gels that have alcohol and for the most part the creams do not. Overall it is a safe convenient and effective method.

Testosterone Creams: Are Effective

The fact that testosterone creams are convenient and effective make them a great option for hormone therapy replacement treatments. Some people have reported that they have experienced an improvement in sexual receptivity and desire plus increased frequency of initiation. The effects of low levels of testosterone can be decreased muscle mass, increased fat deposits, heart disease, decreased libido and even loss of memory. It is not uncommon for these symptoms to be accompanied by low self esteem.

These symptoms grouped together have been called male menopause and testosterone creams have proven effective in preventing the symptoms or at least keeping them at bay. Men also use testosterone replacement treatments to control blood pressure, control fat, blood sugar, avoid depression and maintain their muscle mass. Because testosterone is responsible for so many functions and processes in the body if it is at the wrong level it can create a multitude of problems.

Testosterone Creams: Conclusion

The replacement of the male hormone testosterone in men that are aging can be controversial in some circles but there is not a whole lot to argue about when one looks at what happens to certain bodily processes when the depleted hormone levels are replaced. Testosterone Creams are usually considered safe in the medical community when it is closely monitored and adjusted so that the testosterone level is kept within the proper physiological range making side effects rare.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have been using testosterone 50mg\ml gel for about 4 weeks n I work out n I haven't noticed changes yet besides I sweat a lot n libido is higher but my goal is to increase muscle size will this help me get to my goal if so how long will it take for the test to work n increase muscle ?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Another thing about joecseko's comment is that compounded testosterone does come in other strengths other than 1%. The compounding pharmacy that I do business with will regularly dispense a 10% compound.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am 40 and had my levels checked about 5 months ago and they were cratered at about 140. My Doc gave a script for Axiron. I have not had my levels checked since starting and noticed that my drive increased. After a few months, wasn't sure if I felt any different than before and actually read the instructions. Hate to say it but doubled by dose and I did start to see a difference. I was washing my car and noticed an attractive lady's backside and had to drive around just to see it again. Let me say, that is not normal behavior and everything seems to be just much better and I started getting in shape.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello, I have been using the cream for two weeks now, I have the roll on applicator and you twist the top then the creme comes out. The first week I was on two clicks per day and then starting the second week I went up to four clicks per week. I am still fatigued during the day and don't really feel any different then before. How long does it take for me to feel the difference, any suggestions would help.

      Thank You,


    • profile image


      6 years ago


      Hey man I'm 30 yrs old and look young to it minimally affects my profession in sales. But to get on the shit just for that I would say is not so good an idea. Secondly from what I understand and I'm no expert but test alone wont increase muscle mass it will just make you a fuck*&g animal and make you push more in the gym. You need to add anabolics to help convert protein into muscle mass add that with the manly man feeling of test and you'll pack on some pounds. @joecseko I think what he is trying to say is that androgel has alcohol and cream do not. I don't think he meant that their isn't cream available. Just my two cents. Also I have been on testosterone creme 20% 1 week notice very little of any of the effects its suppose to give, How long till I start to feel it any answers from you guys would be tits.



    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, I am 32 years old, I work out regularly but have trouble achieving any results. Moreover I look very young for my age, which affects me professionally and also pschycologically. I have considered starting a hormone replacement treatment to boost my levels of testosterone, enhance my secondary traits and gain muscle. What is your opinion on this? Do you think its advisable if I start applying a small dose and increase gradually?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @joecseko: Yep. Me too. My doctor prescribed for my use a testosterone cream at 20% concentration at 1 gram per day compounded by the pharmacy. Way easier to put on than 10 grams of Androgel. $70 vs. $300 for the 5 grams of Androgel. Insurance won't cover the $70, but they will cover the $300 (go figure..) What I like about the cream is that it doesn'drip onto the floor like the gel, and I use a much smaller application area when makes me feel better about the chances of secondary exposure.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ditto i was given script for and will be using cream from pharmacy also

    • Caverson profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Left Coast

      Joecseko, there are testosterone creams. Maybe your doctor doesn't like it for some reason and didn't explain them to you. The compound creams are often less expensive than the gels and that is what creates the market for the compound pharmacies. My wife is a nurse and the doctors she works for prescribe it on a regular basis. Also, we know several friends that use testosterone cream from compound pharmacies. Jlee, you are right on. What you say is exactly the same as my experience.

      Joecseko, ask your doc about it and maybe you can save a little money.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what are you talking about joecseko? I am using a prescription testosterone cream right now. Its a white cream, no alcohol. Compounded by a pharmacy.

    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 

      8 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      There are no testosterone creams, but gels (Androgel) in an alcohol base. These gels are 1% testosterone. I have NEVER seen any adjustment in dosage in potency-only volume!

      Part of the advantage OVER injections is a single liver pass, as transdermals and sublinguals need only one pass- lessening the likelihood of additional liver metabolism. This is far more advantageous than orals (exception-Andriol, designed to be absorbed as an oil in the intestines.

      By all means, don't mention the NEED to assess PSA levels before beginning any testosterone regimen. 5 alpha reductase can attack test and convert it to dihydrotestosterone, causing acne, male pattern baldness and enlargement of the prostate.

      I welcome any rebuttal to the facts that I've just posted...


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