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What is Difference Between Testosterone and HGH

Updated on January 29, 2015

Our bodies and their strengths are largely governed by various hormones. Whenever we do an exercise or work on a particular kind of strength training, our hormones play a major role in determining the outcomes and effects, we see on our bodies. Hormones like testosterone work on providing strength and stimulating the growth of muscles. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) on the other hand enhances the speed, muscle mass and works on anti-aging problems. These hormones can be adequately manipulated to get the maximum muscle strength in weight training. Many growth hormones are androgenic, which means they are majorly related to male characteristics and traits. Anabolic hormones are the ones which help in synthesizing or building up body tissues. Catabolic hormones refer to the ones which work on breaking down tissues. Below are some details about certain growth hormones:

1) Testosterone:

Testosterone is majorly a male hormone i.e. an androgenic, anabolic and steroid hormone, which is produced by the testicles, even though a little amount gets produced by the adernal glands. This hormone basically governs the growth of male physical traits and characteristics, along with determining the muscle strength, mass, fat and sexual desires. Lesser quantities of testosterone are also generated amongst women in their ovaries and the adernal glands. The hormones, which largely stimulate the production of testosterones, are leuteinizing hormones, initiating the process from the hypothalamus region of the brain. Testosterone is considered to be the most important and critical hormone for weight training and body building, specifically for the strength and muscle development. 

2) Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

This hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of a body and claims to have anti-aging properties as well. It is quite significant for the child growth, though in adults this hormone helps in stimulating and maintaining organs and tissues.

Currently HGH is only available in form of injections; hence it must be given by a licensed doctor. Even though it may not substantially reduce the aging process, HGH supplements have their own benefits. HGH can increase the muscle mass, even though no difference can been registered in strength.

HGH also stimulates the liver to generate IGF - 1 (insulin-like growth factor), which in turn enhances the development and anabolic outcomes of the growth hormones. However, HGH has its side effects and they may include induction of diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling at various body parts and even heart failure. The inflammation due to HGH dosage, may lead to joint pain and carpel tunnel syndrome.

One can enhance the production of these growth hormones and IGF -1 through proper nutrition and exercises. However, many people, who do not have a tendency to produce HGH, need to attain this hormone through injection. 

3) Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG):

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone, which is basically produced in women's blood and urine during her pregnancy. HCG can be detected from the blood within the duration of three to four weeks after the woman becomes pregnant. HCG can be easily detected from the urine, usually on the first day of the missed menstrual periods; the concept on which most of the home pregnancy tests work.

However, HCG is also used as an effective remedy for weight loss. HCG is usually sold in form of pills, homeopathic tincture (drops) and injections. Injectible HCG is being used for the treatment of organ transplants, infertility amongst males and females for curing the growth hormone deficiency. It also aids in helping AIDS related muscle wasting. HCG pills and drops, usually don't produce any desired effect, as they get digested once they reach inside the body. There are now ways getting devised to protect hormones from getting digested.

Till date, FDA has not banned HCG. They have just banned the "selling and advertising HCG without a warning label". The usage of these growth hormones like testosterone, HGH and HCG, is banned in all major sport related events.


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