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Medical Marijuana in Texas

Updated on June 7, 2014

Medical Marijuana in Texas

Marijuana has been given the green light in so many states in the USA. The true high is not recreational use, but the ability to use this substance for people that need it. The stigma associated with smoking this drug has been glorified for many years and it is time to see the benefits that are associated with Marijuana. Texas is against the legalization of this drug, however Texas will give in as they will be forced to by advocates from other states. Texas is slow to conform to new changes. Texas is a wealthy state with all the oil and gas that is booming the state and the illegal drug cartels making a living off recreational users of this drug. Therefore, it will take longer for the government to admit that legalization is going to happen and needs to happen.

The crime associated with all drugs is an all-time high in Texas. The cartels are making tons of money and selling everything they can with the boom in Texas. This makes for an interesting situation for the cartels, as they would not like the legalization of Marijuana or anything else cutting into their income. Safer neighborhoods, and immigration into Texas would slow down and the crime rate would fall. There is no doubt about it, look at Colorado. They are a prime example of what legalization can do for their state. The government will stay active with plenty of funds from the taxes of this medication, and the people that are sent to jails and prisons would decrease and reduce our debt. Why? Then does it take an act of years for this to pass in one state and not another.



Texas Pot?

Government and Texas

The separation of states and Federal government’s is very evident. When you see that some states just do as they please, and the Federal government is stale. We are in debt and this is a way out of debt and the people know this as well as the top government officials. It’s like each state is its own country anymore. Each state making laws and not abiding by the federal laws is interesting. The getting away from top government agencies is a show in itself with Marijuana and even how our local and state governments are acting. The USA is not the place it used to be, and never will be.

The medical usage of Marijuana is staggering as I have read into this more. The different “strains” used to cure problems that pills are supposed to do for us. In reading all the good that this illegal drug can do, it’s hard to imagine why it is not for medical use everywhere. It is also a shame that someone that could benefit from the use of Marijuana has to wait until it is legal in their state. I am sure that the large drug companies have a role in part of this, and then we have the recreational users who advocate this drug. It is a known fact that many Americans smoke this drug everywhere. The illegal activity should be shut off and shut down with legalization of Marijuana. There are other drugs such as cocaine and heroin that maybe should be looked at in other ways also. This is a biased report of what I have read into this area, and not my views.

Legal and Illegal States 2014


Should Texas Legalize Marijuana?

Legalize Medical use of Marijuana

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My views have nothing to do with legalization of anything. Impressive as the research seems though, it could help in investigating these new options for our health. Texas companies are looking into health care plans to cover medicinal factors with Marijuana now and making arrangements for this to be added to policies. It is a matter of when these government paid officials by you and I decide to make up their mind, if controlling the substance is valid. Everything in government takes time, and this Texas time will be long winded for legalization. In reading Doctors opinions and health care related opinions there should be fast action taken to legalize this drug for medication as soon as possible for our health. However, that is a time consuming factor in the state of Texas as everyone wants to know what they will benefit in the way of money and education of Marijuana.

In conclusion, Texas laws are what they are. People are residing to travel to other states to get what they want, and Texas will not stand for that, so soon this should pass for those who need this. Also, and not last, is the professional Doctor really ready to deal with this drug and are all the statistics valid and tested? These are the most important factors involved with this issue for Marijuana use for medicine. Are the facts there? Just because it helps a few of the people that use this with a prescription, is it safe? Is it the best alternative to use? So many questions and yet the product is already out for this use and abuse.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 3 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Good question you raise, and who knows what is next for Texas. Thank You

    • Kathleen Odenthal profile image

      Kathleen Odenthal 3 years ago from Bridgewater

      I personally think that Texas will secede from the US before allowing marijuana to be legal.