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Thai Massage: 7+ Benefits You Never Knew Existed

Updated on July 10, 2017

Thai massage is known across the world for the unique style. It’s more than just laying on a table while someone strokes your back. It’s beyond relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. The benefits that come from Thai massage are so great that people are claiming it is Thai massage that made them fight diseases like fibromyalgia and made arthritis pain bearable again.

It may sound too good to be true, but the benefits of Thai massage continue to impress those that are loyal customers at the local spa.

Less Cortisol

Studies have confirmed that after a person goes for a Thai massage they have lower levels of cortisol in their bodies. This is a well-known hormone that is associated with stress. On top of that, these same people had higher levels of serotonin, a chemical that is associated with that nice, feel-good feeling that people have after a massage.

This explains why so many people are in a better mood after getting a Thai massage.

Cortisol has also been linked with obesity, meaning that individuals with high levels of cortisol can use regular therapy sessions to help decrease their risk of becoming obese.

Improves Digestion System

Feeling constipated? Feeling bloated or gassy all the time? A Thai massage can actually help that.

This form of therapy helps remove any blockages that are present on the energy channels, meaning that it will help all the systems of the body function in perfect harmony. This is one reason why it can help people that are having problems with their digestive system.

Another reason is that most of these problems stem from stress, and this is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. It requires no effort, and people walk away instantly feeling better as the digestive system slowly relaxes and improves as it begins to work in harmony with the other systems in the body.

Pain Relief

With all of the hype about this form of therapy, it’s no wonder that people started studying the benefits of Thai massage to see if they were true or not. The claims that this form of therapy can help with pain relief are true.

Multiple studies have confirmed that this form of therapy can help with pain from various conditions, especially scapulocostal syndrome. Participants in the study reported a drastic decrease in pain that continued to decrease over a course of several weeks of treatment.

Heading to the local spa can also help with pain due to muscle tension, stress pain, migraine headaches, and even arthritis pains. Overall, there isn’t a lot of pain that it won’t help at least a little bit.


If there’s one thing that everyone seems to suffer from, it’s stress. Most people experience stress on some level every single day. With all the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it's hard not to feel stressed and rushed daily.

A small amount of stress can even be good for a person. It can help someone meet that important deadline, or give them that burst of energy they need to study for an extra hour or so.

The thing is, too much stress can wreak havoc on the body, and not in a good way. It can increase blood pressure, make people more prone to obesity and heart disease, and it’s been linked to certain forms of cancer.

That can be avoided by taking the time to get a Thai massage once a week. This form of therapy not only helps decrease stress, it helps promote over all well being.


There are so many teas and cleanses to help the body detox, it’s truly amazing. Modern people aren’t buying those, though; they are heading to the spa.

Thai massage works to help the body detoxify itself as it opens up energy pathways. It’s helps the body work better than ever before so that it can push all of those toxins out the way that it was meant to.

This is great for the body, but it can be a shock to the system for people that are not used to this. Some people report feeling fatigued or sick after their first Thai massage.

This is why most spas recommend drinking plenty of water. It helps to push the toxins out of the body faster so that clients don’t get sick afterwards.

More Energy

Anyone that has gotten a traditional Thai massage before knows that this form of therapy can help a person feel better. They walk out of the spa with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

That’s because when the massage opens the energy pathways, it lets more energy flow freely through the body. This can instantly make a person feel like they just drank a few cups of coffee without heading to the nearest Starbucks.

Mental Clarity

When all that stress and depression slowly fades away, people feel a certain amount of clarity. This is because stress clouds the mind. It can be hard to think about the meaning of life, or to see a situation clearly, when a person is feeling overly emotional because they are stressed.

After a session, clients will be able to truly focus on things, like their work or that paper that was due yesterday.

Emotional Balance

Mental clarity isn’t the only mental benefit to Thai massage. Clients will also enjoy being emotionally balanced.

When individuals are stressed out, they tend to feel more negative emotions, like anger, sadness, and depression, than they do positive emotions, leading them to believe that they have a mental illness. This is because they are not emotionally balanced.

When a person participates in regular massage therapy sessions, they will enjoy a full range of emotions that are both positive and negative, which will help balance things out.

Align the Body

Most people have a body that is not properly aligned and they do not even realize it. This can lead to back pain, knee pain, and the muscles around the bones being extremely tense.

A Thai massage is not the best option for those with some back problems or injuries, like a herniated disk, but it’s wonderful for people that need some help aligning their body. It may take a few sessions, but it can make the world of difference, and it’s a much better option than surgery.

Thai massage remains a topic of controversy. For every person that feels amazing after a session, there is another person that swears it’s all a bunch of hype. Most of these benefits have been proven, though, which means that it’s not all in someone’s head.

Other Benefits

These are only a handful of the benefits that people will enjoy when they get a regular Thai massage.

Clients that suffer from mental illnesses, such as depression, can often enjoy finding relief from their symptoms. This type of therapy can also work wonders for anxiety, anxiety related disorders, insomnia, tension migraines, other stress related disorders, and it can give a client a great workout. It's known as yoga for the lazy for a reason.

In addition to that, patients that have been diagnosed with Autism have shown marked improvement after receiving regular massage therapy sessions.

The next time it’s impossible to concentrate because of stress or the pain won’t go away, schedule a session to learn about all these benefits first hand.


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