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Thai Massage: What First Time Clients Need to Know

Updated on July 4, 2017

Thai massage remains one of the most well known types of massage around the world. Clients feel revived after a Thai massage. They walk away from the massage feeling refreshed instead of fatigued.

Clients that have never experienced the wonderful world of Thai massage definitely need to add this one on their list of things to do. Before that first appointment, though, here are a few things that clients need to know.

Traditional Thai massage is pretty basic

When a first time client goes in for their Thai massage they are in one of two environments.

Either they are in a massage parlor that has a Western touch, complete with tables and a few massage oils to use or they are in a more traditional Thai atmosphere.

Massage parlors that are geared towards making Western clients more comfortable will feel more like an American spa. They will have soft linen, scented candles and comfortable pillows to help clients relax. Even the reception area is usually a bit more comfortable in these massage parlors.

Traditional Thai massage parlors are the exact opposite. Most Western clients are usually shocked by the traditional way that Thai massage is done. There are no tables or scented oils. Instead, the client lays on a thin mat. Sometimes Thai massage therapists will use a mattress to make Western clients more comfortable, but that’s not very common so I wouldn’t expect it if I were you.

Thai massage therapists use a mat so that they can move around more easily, and because it’s easier for them to manipulate the body without a table being in the way. It may be uncomfortable at first, but getting a massage on that little mat will guarantee that clients get the most out of their massage.

Every Thai massage is different from the last one

It doesn’t matter if it’s your second Thai massage or your twentieth, they will all be at least a little bit different.

Thai massage therapists usually learn the trade from a hands on teacher, and then they incorporate some of their own style into the massage. They may also do different things if there are different complaints.

For example, one person with back pain may receive a gentler massage than a person that is not complaining about massage. Another massage therapist may do more lifting, one person may use their elbows and another person may use their feet. There is no telling what to expect when going to a different massage therapist.

Patients need to do some after care

Thai massage is great, but it’s not as simple as waltzing into a massage parlor, feeling great and walking back out.

Thai massage works every single muscle in the body. It is the equivalent of a nice work out, and it needs to be treated as such.

It also helps to clear the body from toxins that have built up, which can have some side effects.

For patients to feel their best, they are encouraged to drink plenty of water. This is to help push the toxins out of the body. Patients that do not drink more water than usual may feel sick, or actually get sick, because of all of the toxins that have been released into the body.

People that have just received a Thai massage will also need to take it easy, just like they would after a particularly strenuous work out. No heavy lifting or intense exercise.

Just relax

When people get their first Thai massage, they usually try to help out by moving along with the massage therapist. For example, if a masseuse lifts their legs, they will try to lift them too. None of that is necessary.

Massage therapists that specialize in Thai massage will push the body to the limits, stretching it a little bit further than people can themselves. That’s going to be strenuous enough, so there’s no need to add any more strain to it.

Thai massage continues to increase in popularity around the world. The only form of massage that is more popular than Thai massage is Swedish massage, and it’s a close race. If you’ve never experienced a Thai massage before, keep these things in mind and book an appointment to enjoy all the benefits that people can enjoy from Thai massage.


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