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Thankful For Life

Updated on November 23, 2011

No Matter What Life is Good

Working in Oncology gives you such a reality check that even a smile is something to be thankful for. This year my life has been awesome with so many blessings bestowed upon me but my heart is bleeding in pain for my patients who this very holiday are fighting for their life instead of enjoying a turkey dinner.

Cancer knows no face. It does not have predjudice against any race, culture, wealthy, or poor. It doesn't discriminate in any way shape or fashion. As I watch a room full of patients sitting in recliners getting chemo on the eve of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for my life indeed.

When your looking at someone in anger just remember it solves nothing. When your yelling at your children for something trivial remember there is someone wishing for theirs to be alive. When you want to argue, yell or curse at someone you love remember they may be your last words that you ever say to them.

Today is a day to be thankful for life, for the small things, and most of all things. It's a day to think of everyone in your life and cherish them always. People were put on this earth to love and be loved and so much hate has entered life.

But today I say thank you to everyone who has come in to my life for a reason, season, or lifetime because it is all of you who have made my life worth living.



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