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Thankful for my body reshaper

Updated on January 30, 2011

Slender Reflections has truly helped my figure

    In November of last year I was wearing a size 10 to 12. It was so frustrating to go into a clothing store and try on things. My protruding mid-section, would cause me to struggle with zippers in my skirts. I would find these real cute suits that look so adorable on the rack. The jacket would fit but the skirt would not. Or the skirt would fit and the jacket would not. Determination made me struggle for a few minutes but a reality check made me realize, I might need a size 12 just to buy that adorable suit. People would often tell me that I was so petite until they saw my stomach. They would then tap me on my stomach and say,"except for that you would be petite." It was so frustrating!

    One day the heavens opened up and my spiritual daughter brought this wonderful body reshaper to my home. It appeared almost like a golden object as light surrounded it from heaven. I looked at it and said, "no way could that thing work. It looks like another form of a girdle. She began to explain its benefits with tremendous excitement, "Mom, It helps to firm and control your abdomen. The Body Magic will help to lift and hold your lower stomach in position." I immediately stood up and grabbed it. I started to joke and express that it would take magic which I do not believe in or a miracle to help my enormous stomach. My daughter continued to explain how it pulls your shoulders back and corrects your posture. The Body Magic will straighten my back and gives me upper and lower back support. She then pleaded, "mom go find your tightest fitting dress and come down so I can take a picture of you and then you can put the reshaper on. I prayed first to Amighty God to let this be the answer. I put on my tightest fitting dress which was the majority of my closest because of my protruding stomach. I came downstairs and my daughter took a picture of me in my tight fitting dress before I put The Body Magic on. It was a little humiliating but for the sake of all women with big stomachs, I took the bullet. I then immediately grabbed the reshaper and ran upstairs. Of course, I could not put it on by myself so I can down and asked my other two daughters to help me get into this thing. My daughter then explained how the reshaper would immediately start to contour to my body. She was right. I could see it flattening my stomach and giving me a waist line within five minutes. I rushed and put my dress back on. I was in love! It truly was a miracle. I thanked God. The Body Magic really did work. Within a day the reshaper had contoured to my body and I no longer needed help to put it on. The struggles was worth it. 

    Now I can go in clothing stores and buy dresses and suits in sizes 5/6 and 7/8. My old skirts fall off of me and sometimes when I wear old slips, they end up down around my feet. I can now wear suits that I could not wear a year ago because of my stomach area. Today, I can slide in them with ease. This seems to be the only object that I have worn that actually works because it not only helps you to drop dress sizes but it was also created by a physician so it adjust my inner organs including my spine to help with the backpain I previously experienced. This is not a hoax because I don't sell them, I just love wearing The Body Magic. Women, please for your health and good looks, check this item out.      


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    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 7 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Girl, I love my body reshaper also. I had this outfit that I could not wear because of my stomach. I put it on after receiving my body magic and I looked so good, a man told me how good I looked while I was in a store a while ago. I felt so good because I am a woman in her late sixties. I have had my reshaper for the past month and a half. I have dropped a dress size already. I love it so much that I wear mine more than four hours a day. It just makes me feel so good.