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That All Important Water

Updated on September 13, 2011

I never realized it until I was hospitalized...

I just came out from the hospital two days before now.

I spent two days and a half in the hospital being treated with an iv antibiotic [and it kills to feel the medicine run through my veins within three minutes tops]. It was the excruciating pain of being in need of accepting all those medicines and treatments [not to mention that hospital bill] that served as a slap on my face making me realize that "WATER IS THAT IMPORTANT".

Maybe I am not alone [or at least I wish I'm not], many people today have easier access to sodas and prepared juices for drink especially when we go outside. Instead of grabbing a glass of water, I pick juice instead. The reason for this is that I am really having a hard time drinking water. Imagine just one glass of water makes me feel bloated and uneasy the whole morning. I do hate the bland taste of water and feels that I need to add in some more taste which I get from diluting fruit juices in it. All this time, I thought that was enough, anyway, its healthy. I did not know that CLEAR WATER cannot be compared to other forms of liquid intake.

Lack of water intake has caused my nausea and the development of UTI which made me incapable of walking for at least three days. So, don't make the same mistakes I did, DRINK WATER, and be sure to MAKE IT REGULAR. As of now, I am trying the best I could to be able to drink at least three glasses of water every morning then another in the afternoon and then another in the evening. I take each glass gradually. A little sip every now and then so as to avoid the feeling of irritation and being bloated. It really helped me avoid nausea for the past two days and I could say I perform better after following this practice. In my case though, it takes a lot of discipline to make sure that I do drink three glasses of water within the given span of time.

Water obviously takes a great role in developing the human body's growth and assuring that the body's integrity is able to handle the challenges that a person needs to face everyday. It has even been proven through several scientific studies that people who drink more water are less stressed and less prone to infectious illnesses. It has been realized through these studies that water does increase the body's integrity to rejuvenate its self and repair health damages in the most effective and most time efficient manner.

Hence, even though there are several drink-products available in the market today, never forget that WATER CAN NEVER BE REPLACED BY ANYTHING.. so drink it while it is still affordable :).

Here are some helpful readings that could prove to you how important water is and how water itself could better the development of your body's integrity


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    • rutheddavid profile image

      Ruth Serrano 6 years ago from Philippines

      thanks a lot for reading through rikabothra...

      right on... water is really important...

    • rikabothra profile image

      rikabothra 6 years ago

      We tend to neglect the most common things in our life and water is one of them. You are right when you say water has no substitute whatsoever.