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The 10 Most Overweight Countries

Updated on April 19, 2017

Do you wonder where live the fattest people in the world? While you can get various answers at various places, my source is OECD Health Data 2005 and the leader in it doesn't surprise.

While things may slightly change over the years, I don't think the exact ranking is that important. What's far more important is why the heck are these people so overweight and what can you do to avoid their disaster. Let's explore!

1. United States

It was expected, wasn't it? Everyone believes the United States has the most overweight people and this is true. The reasons are many: 

  • the Standard American Diet known as SAD. It includes a lot of fast-food, French fries and so on
  • Americans don't walk enough, they use cars everywhere
  • Too much work, too little sleep
  • Genetics
I'm sure you can add your own reasons too. Obesity and overweight is really an issue in the USA and lots of money are spent every year to fight it.

2. Mexico

The second "prize" goes to Mexico. The high prevalence of obesity and overweight in Mexicans have similar reasons to those in the USA. Although the Mexican diet is different, many Mexicans work in the USA and bring the Americal culture and way of eating home.


3. United Kingdom

Seeing UK here at third place is a bit of surprize for me (perhaps because I don't live in UK). Between the reasons why so many Englishmen are overweight are:

  • Eating unhealthy food like crisps and sweets
  • Too lazy life, not enough exercise
  • Drinking too much alcohol (this is the key difference between UK and the previous two)
Maybe that's why England can't even reach 3rd place in the Football World Cup recenlty.

4. Slovakia

Slovakia isn't within the countries that are often mentioned together with "obesity". In fact it isn't mentioned often on the news about anything at all. But it has the 4th place. Maybe because Slovaks eat a lot of bread?


5. Greece

According to some studies 75% of Greek people are overweight! The standard Mediterranean diet is healthy but Greeks no more seem to follow it.

Instead of that they eat a lot of pastery, fat burgers, giros, a lot of heavy meet.

The people in this country are often regarded as lazy too, which also means they don't exercise enough.

6. Australia

Australia takes the 6th place especially due to the increase of child obesity. Australian children eat too much food, stay too much in front of the television and video games. As you see these are the usual reasons for Western people to be overweight.


7. New Zealand

New Zealand is not much different than its neighbour. One of three adults is overweight and one of 4 is obese. Accordingly to Wikipedia more than 30% of the children are overweight.

Interesting however is that there are two times more Maori who are obese than white New Zealanders. This makes me wonder whether Maori are too keen on the Western lifestyle or there are also another reasons.

8. Hungary

Hungarians eat a lot of pastery, muffins etc and large portions of meat. This is perhaps one of the reasons to be in the top 10 list. In the country there is a discussion to ban junk food to reduce children obesity.


9. Luxemburg

Luxemburg is one of the richest countries and this leads to the typical Western lifestyle with a lot of food and little exercize. 55% of the adults in Luxembourg are obese or overweight. This rate is growing every year.

Like in most European countries, the figures are particulary worrying within the children and teenagers.

Luxemburg is very small country but it got its place in this negative top 10 "chart".

10. Czech Republic

And the last country in top 10 is Czech Republic. Perhaps one of the reasons for obesity in Czech Republic is the large amount of beer its citizens consume.

Are you Overweight?

If you wonder whether your weight is within the recommended size, here is a calculator for BMI which can help you understand. And if you are overweight develop a weight loss plan and stick to it.


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