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The 20 Sexiest Women of 2010

Updated on June 20, 2011

There's plenty of beautiful women out there. We spot them on the red carpet, tv shows, movies, fashion shows, etc. I decided to make a list based on my opinion in particular, showing you who I believe are the most beautiful ones.

So, here it is, my own list on the 20 sexiest women of 2010.

20. Scarlett Johansson

19. Eva Longoria

18. Anne Hathaway

17. Taylor Momsen

16. Olivia Wilde

15. Jessica Szhor

14. Emma Watson

13. Cheryl Cole

12. Annalynne Mccord

11. Leighton Meester

10. Nina Dobrev

9. Shakira

8. Dianna Agron

7. Taylor Swift

6. Katy Perry

5. Megan Fox

4. Marisa Miller

3. Ashley Greene

2. Candice Swanepoel

1. Blake Lively


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    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 6 years ago

      Great list of beautiful women of 2010. I am just wondering how this list will be changed in 2011.

    • AngelaPereira profile image

      AngelaPereira 6 years ago

      Katharella - I absolutely agree with you! Ashley Greene was so good in Twilight, so adorable. I believe her eyes are her best facial feature :-)

      Thanks Katharella for your great comment!

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      Oh I love Ashley Green! She's beautiful of course, but in the Twilight series as Alice, she was "cute" I called her Tinkerbell because she just pops in out of nowhere around corners off staircases, she's perfect for that part. I think she can look pretty sultry too when she is in other parts. Her eyes are beautiful, and such a cute smile! Great hub!

    • Santoshwrites profile image

      Santoshwrites 6 years ago from Mumbai Maharashtra India

      All are beautiful but my vote is for emma

    • AngelaPereira profile image

      AngelaPereira 6 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by mecheshier :-)

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 6 years ago

      Nice Hub. Grate pics. Thank you

    • AngelaPereira profile image

      AngelaPereira 6 years ago

      Thanks Loren :) It seems we have similar opinions

    • Loren's Gem profile image

      Loren's Gem 6 years ago from Istanbul, Turkey

      Nice share! The last 3 on your list are among my favorites, too! :-)