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My 4 Unique Secrets Of Losing Weight

Updated on December 4, 2013

When you look for The Easiest Way To Lose Weight you have firstly ask yourself: How did you gain this overweight?

The question is not only refers to the “know how” but also to the “time” you spent in gaining this weight.

I’m sure about one thing: You gained this weight in many years. So, let me ask you a question: Why do you want to lose it in just little months?

It is not a building of stones or wood, it is your body. I can build a building in one month or many months and I can smash in less than 1 hour, but I can do nothing with its heap.

If you want to do something which is related to your health, do it right.

The Main Principles of The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

I wonder about people who gain weight in many years and want to lose it in one day if it possible.

In fact, they hope The Weight Fairy to come and touch them by her wand and change them in a moment. It is not logic and may be danger on your health.

Take it easy. Make it an interesting experience and something new which life gives. I tried to get basic recommendations which I commit with when I decided to change my life especially in my weight.

If you convert these recommendations into principles, you will learn a new type of commitment in the most important side of your life: Your Health.

You have to put in your mind these principles:

1. What you gain fast, you lose fast. And vice versa. Take Care of Yo-Yo Dieting

As you gain it in years, I recommend losing it in years, too. Your body doesn’t accept the quick change and often resists it. The main target is not only losing weight but also getting athletic body and good health. Quick losing of weight may affect your health in a negative way.

Or you may fall in yo-yo dieting.

Yo-yo dieting is the process that you lose weight by any type of weight loss program and reach the normal weight for your body. At this phase you celebrate the success of losing weight by recouping the old feeling of happiness in eating the previous prohibited items. You then get back to the old days and normal diet system, and gain weight again. Suddenly, you discover that you became overweight and decide to start a weight loss program to restore ideal weight again, and so. This is what had been known as: yo-yo dieting.

It is not healthy to you to lose weight in short time and then regain it again in short time, too. Put in your mind that the real change is the change which stays for a long time or forever.

Yo-yo dieting is very dangerous on the stability of your body. You have to notice yourself if you fall in this trap and solve it at once.

2. Changing your mind is better than searching for the easiest way to lose weight

Your subconscious mind always tries to put you in the comfort zone. This comfort zone of losing weight is related to the feeling of hungry.

Once someone starts a weight loss program he thinks that he will face deprivation of lovely items of food. So, the period of losing weight converts to a suffering period.

Get rid of these feeling. It is pleasurable period. It is the period which will make a new brilliant person which you will love and others, too.

I will tell you my story about: changing my mind.

My Story With My Daughter

I’m like you exactly, I’m fond of food and “eating” is the best time I spend during the whole day. But the price was so expensive.

One day (at weekend) my daughter asked me to play with her. In fact, I don’t like doing anything requires moving in the weekend but if you look at the pedagogical side of this situation, you will accept your child’s invitation and play with her.

I started playing and she did. My daughter is like devil. She wants to do anything elsewhere. She runs, jumps, hides, hits, kicks, swims and punches, and no existence for the word “tiring” in his dictionary.

So, it was normal to see me fall down after just 15 minutes.

This was one big reason for staring my weight loss program and I recognized that this heavy movement will affect all sides of my life not only the playing with my daughter.

I spend around 3 months to feel the difference after starting the program but the results was horrible. I can do anything which requires doing a big efforts without the previous feeling of tiring.

What I want to share with you now is: My previous programming of losing weight (which refers to the feeling of deprivation and suffering) had been replaced by the eagerness of doing physical activities perfectly.

If I could do it, you can too. Just try to do.

Don’t think about the negative points which you may lose, and instead think about the positive treasures which will be added to your body and health.

3. Fitness exercise is not an option. It is must

There is no weight loss program – whatever it easiest way to lose weight or not – ignores fitness exercises. You have to do it 4 times a week at least. Of course daily exercises are better but anyway doing exercises 4 times a week is better than ignoring it completely.

Fitness exercise is not an option; it is must. Put this concept in your mind and rebuild your priorities according to this concept.

Of course this is not my personal recommendation but Harvey Walden’s. I loved his brilliant book “No Excuses” so much. It was an inspirational tool for me to commit to exercises in regular basis.

Harvey Walden’s “No Excuses” book was so helpful for me and helped me to kill the phrase of “I have no time to exercise” and doing the best with my body and health.

4. You have to choose suitable and satiate diet system

This really is the easiest way to lose weight. I don’t like to choose something and regret for choosing it in future. Choose your best and easiest way to lose weight which helps you to lose weight strongly and effectively with no side effects.

Also, wrong choosing puts you again in yo-yo dieting and kills your willpower. In this phase, ask your doctor. If you can’t face the sudden changes, choose the medium and moderate diet system.

Remember: The successful weight loss program is not the one which makes you hungry, but it is the one which should make you slim and satisfied.

What Is The Easiest Way To Lose Weight?

My personal recommendations may be strange and somehow tough, but I promise: this is the easiest way to make a real change in your weight and health. My recommendations as follow:

  1. Commit with previous principles.
  2. Stay far from people who don’t live healthy life. Or try to attract them to become like you. I mean, you have to make your own group of interested people or stand alone if you didn’t find them.
  3. Don’t choose the diet system which deprives you from what you love of foods and recipes. On the contrary, it is preferable to eat what you love but which is cooked or prepared in healthy way. The easiest way to lose weight is the system which respects your desires. And you have to respect your desires and eat what you love but in moderated way.

Finally, choosing the easiest way to lose weight is not a hard mission. It is so easy but you have to think well before choosing. Put in your mind that choice you take may push you forward or throw you down.

Need More? I think you will like Jason's video. I liked it so much.


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