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The 5 Things to Quit Smoking Now!

Updated on March 14, 2012

When you decide to quit smoking, it is going to be a completely life changing experience. Not only will you feel better, smell better, and be healthier. You will have taken the first step to stopping an addiction that has ruled your life for so long.

Quitting smoking is probably one of the hardest things you have ever done. However, it is a decision that is best for you. If, you are committed to quitting here are the 5 most crucial thing s that you can do when you quit so that you can prevent the temptation of going back.

1. Throw away your smoking tools

When we quit there is always a temptation to relapse. This relapse is made easier if we have old smoking peripherals like ashtrays, lighters, or other smoking items around us. This also goes for packs of cigarettes too. Just get rid of them. The biggest obstacle in quitting smoking, is that they leave a pack of cigarettes at home. This instill a sense of comfort while quitting knowing they can get to them easily. When in reality, it is your mind telling you that if things get tough you can light up another one.

Taking smoking completely out of your life means everything. Take out the ashtrays, lighters, matches, or anything else that is reminding you of smoking. Clean your home extremely well to get rid of the smoky smell. Clean your car out of all smell and peripherals. Make it so that if you are going to cheat yourself by smoking again that it is a pain for you to get any type of smoking material. Cravings very rarely last that long and the more you get through the closer you are to stopping forever.

2. Tell everyone

One way to help keep yourself in check is by letting others know that you are quitting smoking. Friends and realatives will not be shy in letting you know how proud they are of you quitting. This also provides a group of people that will hold you accountable for you quitting. What’s worse, going back to smoking? Vs. Family continuing to nag you forever to quit? I think the later is worse.

3. Know your reasons

The biggest thing about quitting is to keep reminding yourself the reasons why you are quitting. These are essential to your goal because they are the positives that will happen when you quit. Write down all the reasons, why you are quitting. Read the reasons why you are quitting when the cravings start to occur. The craving will pass, and you will be one step closer to your goal. Once you resist the first few days of cravings that is when you will feel the proudest and probably smell the best you ever have.

4. Know your foes

There certainly are times when it is going to be harder to resist the cravings of nicotine then others. For example, when I use to smoke I would get up in the morning. Turn the coffee pot on. Brew coffee. Take a sip. Then smoke a cigarette. It was the same routine for me every morning for years. It was probably the hardest one to break. However, I finally did it. I have a new routine now and still have my coffee. There are some days were it is harder than others, but you just have to keep doing it.

There are situations when I first topped smoking where I would avoid trigger affects. Like when I when out socializing the trigger effect would pop up from time to time. So, I had to learn what each trigger was, then avoid them until I felt strong enough to handle it. The best thing to do during those times is to keep you active. When you get a craving do not just sit and watch TV. Wash your clothes, clean the house, take a walk, play a game, or find another activity where you are moving until the craving passes.

5. Improve your environment

When you quit, smoking there is going to be the smell of stale cigarette that will be in your home, car, even workplace. This is going to bother you because once you start to smell what people smell like when they smoke it is revolting to know that you once smelled that way. So, get to cleaning, and improve the environment in your home. Open the windows and let the fresh air in the house. Wash all the sheets, clothes, blankets, curtains that you can to remove the smell. Use carpet freshener on the carpets and help get the coating of yellow smoke cake off the walls.

There are all ideas to help keep you motivated and going strong. Just keep at it hour by hour then day by day then week by week. Before you realize it, it will be year by year.

For those who smoke or smoked inside your home, try a spring-clean to freshen the house up. Wash the windows and curtains. Clean your clothes. If, you remove the smell of stale smoke, it will keep you motivated to not reverse all your effort.


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