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The 5 pounds a week Simple Weight Loss Diet

Updated on December 22, 2012
You can average 5 pounds a week in weight loss with this diet.
You can average 5 pounds a week in weight loss with this diet.

I've already lost 30 pounds and Counting

Diet is not about losing weight and then going back to eating the way you used to. It's about making lifestyle changes in the way you eat. It's also about making lifestyle changes in the way you live. Experts say that skinny people tend to be creatures of habit. They eat a lot of the same stuff over and over. So I designed my diet to meet core health needs, be extremely healthy, taste good, and also be ideal to help me lose weight.

I wanted this diet to be low in sodium. But I also play active sports so I wanted my diet to also reduce muscle inflammation and foster muscle health. This is the plan I came up with and that I have been using very effectively and consistently. I eat the same thing every day. I've lost 30 pounds so far and averaged 5 lbs a week.


For breakfast, I either eat fruit or I use a protein meal replacement like "The Enzyme Diet." For most people, fruit does just fine. You could blend several different fruits in a blender to make a smoothy or eat the fruit. You do not want to add milk to the fruit when making a smoothy. Only use water.


For lunch, I eat 4 oz of chicken or turkey (you could also use fish) cooked in yellow curry powder (with water, no oil)

2 cups of veggies (broccoli and onions) cooked in yellow curry powder (you can switch up the veggies)

1 cup of cooked Quinoa


For Dinner I have a salad. The salad is composed of


1 Tomato

1/2 avocado

3 mini bell peppers

Organic Thai Peanut Sauce

I use thai peanut sauce in the salad because most of the salad dressing available on the market are oily, contain a lot of dairy, and are in general unhealthy. Thai peanut sauce tastes fantastic, is quite healthy, and is very low in sodium.


In between meals, I have a morning and an afternoon snack. For snacks I eat fruit like strawberries, mangoes, and pears. With snacks, its probably best not to make them into a smoothy. Smoothies tend to concentrate calories quickly and you want to be able to eat till you are full without over filling your body's nutrition needs.

Diet and Exercise

I actually get a lot of exercise during the week by working at the gym twice a week, swimming twice a week, and playing sports on the weekends. If you want to improve overall health, you will want to find a balance of healthy eating and getting proper exercise. Exercise is important for good health and discipline.

Health is about lifestyle change. Eating right is not only for people who want to lose weight. It is for people who want to be healthy. No diet will work unless you are willing to pay the price. This diet will work well for you if you are willing to pay the price good health requires and eat nutritious food as a lifestyle habit.


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    • Reviewsbypat profile image

      Pat Kane 5 years ago from Belfast, Ireland

      Spinach, tomatoes and peppers are from the nightshade family. They cause irritation to inflamed joints, and should be avoided by anyone with arthritis or similar chronic conditions. Try systemic enzymes if you want to significantly lessen the inflammation associated with sports, especially resistance training. Also, take a green smoothie everyday to alkalize your entire body and combat acidity which attacks your joints, tendons, ligaments etc.