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The 9 Signs and Symptoms that can help you Detect Diabetes Early

Updated on September 15, 2015

A sad truth about diabetes is that it often goes unnoticed as its signs and symptoms are apparently harmless and therefore, difficult to be noticed. You would be surprised to know that many times diabetes is accompanied by no warning signs which make it further difficult for individuals to detect it in the early stage.

However, detecting diabetes in its early stage is very important as letting diabetes go unnoticed can lead to non reversible damage and health complications. Similarly, detecting diabetes at an early stage can help you avoid serious health complications.

To help you identify diabetes signs and symptoms, this article will take a look into the 9 signs that can help you detect the presence of elevated blood sugar in yourself or a loved one.

1) Frequent Urination and Unusual Thirst

These are the two classic signs of diabetes which go hand in hand. If you are facing a frequent urge to urinate with a need to get up from your sleep to go to washroom during the night coupled with an unusual and increased thirst it could be a sign of diabetes.

Now let’s take a look into what your body is trying to tell you through this phenomenon. Since your body cells are not being able to obtain and utilize the sugar from your blood, your kidneys have taken the responsibility of getting rid of this sugar build up in your blood. Your kidneys do this by excreting out this sugar with urine and therefore, you need to urinate frequently.

Moreover, as your body is losing liquid fast with frequent urination you feel unusual and excessive thirst as your body attempts to make up for the liquid it is losing fast. Therefore, if you or a loved one is facing this symptom, it is time to consult your health practitioner immediately.

2) Hunger Despite After Having Eaten

Continuing to feel hungry despite eating is another symptom of diabetes. If you continue to feel hungry though you are eating adequately this could point out to the presence of elevated blood sugar level.

Let’s have a look into why is this happening. Though you are eating yet your body cells are starving as these are not being able to obtain the sugar they require to function. Therefore, you continue to feel hungry as your body cells continue to signal that they are starving.

3) Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss is another symptom that could point out to the possibility of diabetes. Have you lost a few unexplained pounds over a period of month or two? However, the weight loss resulting from diabetes is not a healthy one as your body is breaking down your muscles as an alternative source of energy.

Let’s have a look into the reasons of this unhealthy weight loss.

  • Your body is excreting out a large amount of calories with urine in the form of unutilized sugar
  • Your cells are starving in the absence of insulin/adequate insulin to move sugar inside your blood cells and provide them with the fuel to operate
  • Your body in the absence of natural source of energy is breaking down your muscles to obtain protein as an alternative source of fuel and energy
  • Your kidneys are working overtime in order to get rid of the accumulated sugar in the blood through excessive urine formation.

4) Fatigue

You are also likely to experience fatigue as your body is starving, excreting out the calories you are obtaining from food, wasting muscles, losing weight and your organs are working overtime giving rise to a feeling of fatigue and weakness. Since you are forced to get up for the washroom trips during the night it adversely impacts your sleep and can thus make you irritable too.

5) Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is another symptom which points out to the presence of diabetes. Your eye is among the body organs which first fall prey to diabetes. Since the high blood sugar draws fluid from body tissues, your lens tissue is no exception and therefore, leads to blurred vision and adversely impacts your ability to focus.

However, it is important to note here that if you fail to detect diabetes early, it can lead to the formation of new blood vessels and damage the existing ones in the retina. Though these may initially not cause a serious damage yet if left undetected for long these may lead to blindness.

6) Increased Infections and Delayed Healing

The presence of high blood sugar is likely to render you vulnerable to infections and delay the body’s natural healing phenomenon. If you have started noticing that you have become more susceptible to infections including the yeast and fungal infection, this could point out to the presence of diabetes.

7) Increased Gum Infections and Teeth Problems

Since diabetes decreases your immunity and makes you vulnerable to infections your chances of gum infections rise too. Similarly, it also adversely affects the bones which are holding your teeth in place and you may notice your gums starting to pull away from your teeth thus rendering your teeth loose and weak. In the event you had a gum infection prior to diabetes, the disease is likely to worsen the problem.

8) Numbness or Tingling

If you have started to experience numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, it could be a sign of your raised blood sugar level. However, other signs may also include swelling or burning pain and point out to the nerve damage diabetes is resulting in. However, the good news is that this nerve damage is likely to reverse in the event diabetes is detected early yet it can become permanent in the event when it is not.

9) Skin Problems

Skin problems such as an itchy skin can also point out to diabetes owing to dryness and poor blood circulation. However, health practitioners suggest paying particular attention to skin darkening phenomenon especially around the armpit and neck areas.


These are the 9 signs that can help you detect diabetes at an early stage and thus save yourself or a loved one from serious health complications. Health practitioners therefore, suggest that you always pay attention to what your body and its changes are trying to tell you.


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