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The 9 Best Tips to Finally Quit Smoking

Updated on July 29, 2019

We asked Facebook followers how they did it.

In the beginning every part of your body aches for a puff. That's one reason why people continue to think about smoking still. Smoking also causes more cancer than other ways of obtaining it through and through it is still the number one killer. Nearly 440,000 Americans every year- those and some others.

You need to kick the habit and we asked The Doctor's Facebook followers how they quit, and quit for good. Hundreds of former smokers responded: They told us its tough, they said you have to be committed, but they showed us it's possible. Here is some of their best advice:

  • Make lists. Write down your favorite reasons to have a smoke along with a list of all the negatives to picking up a cigarette and then make the move to jonesing for a another cigarette a thing of the past. Write down the things you enjoy doing (in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette we mention the time like 5 or 6 minutes in order to make things better have a cup of coffee instead.) Time management skills take precedent to the ways a smoker has cravings instead of being the advice giver take back the things that matter most. Pray for the best and reward yourself.
  • Find Motivation in your family. I same with smoking when a doctor diagnosed me with emphesyma and said young people are not thinking how this affects their future and learned that some people can and will come down with lung cancer and they told somebody else that you don't have much time to live. Celebrities such as Tim Mcgraw as forementioned told many poets such as myself to cut down in stages it's better than getting cancer. It scared me so much I quit the next day. Since I've quit I use Oprah Winfrey's fast walking strategy and go out for a 2 mile walk once in the morning when I'm craving the most and then again in the evening, it's like a marathon in my own mind!
  • Get moving. It makes you realize that the self actualization of smoking the cigarette is far from the reality of having the will power to quitting cold turkey and playing sports that keep your hands busy like knitting or raquetball end the tremors in your body.
  • Know the urge will pass and save money while doing it. When I quit I bet that i would buy a Harley Davidson within 9 months and did it while playing the game of life if the price is right do it. Having motivation is key.
  • Join a support group. If you ever seen some of those awful smoking commercials they give a helpline phone number such as 1-800-No-Butts that gives you a choice to connect with a counselor who can support your happiness while quitting and making the move to quit comes with an upside(More smoking programs are offered through the American Lung Association and can be beneficial, visit
  • Stopping and thinking of the huge downside and making sweeping generalities is what the world is asking of smokers to say why are we doing this to ourselves? This is mimicking the the opposite of what is true about the stages of death, disease, and decay. That's the most insidious part of smoking- we don't think about it, we just do it.


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