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Enrollment Exceeds Six Million Strong

Updated on March 31, 2014

The Great Recovery

Today, March 31st marks the official end of the enrollment period, for the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare). With reports, that more than 6 million Americans have signed up for coverage, so far, it would not be unreasonable to surmise, that without the initial website problems, that plagued the program last October, and November, the first year enrollment could have been over 8 million.

Six million Americans, many gaining access to the health care system for the first time, made the conscious decision to purchase health insurance coverage. This is big.

Strength In Numbers

Gone are the dire predictions of imminent destruction of the health care system. The baseless assumptions that only few Americans would sign up. Not to mention, the panic driven stories that millions of Americans were losing their coverage due to the Affordable Care Act.

The silence of the frivolous critics is almost deafening. Proof to all, that, there is strength in numbers.

Having access to the affordable health care is an American imperative. I believe that we Americans are a pragmatic people. So, faced with an opportunity to purchase health care a reasonable cost, or to go without coverage, a majority of us will chose the former. It’s a ‘no brainer.’

Going without health insurance here in America, is not only a health hazard, but an economic one as well, for most American families. It’s just too risky a bet to accept.

The Affordable Health Care Act will continue to build on this solid first year enrollment base, as more Americans come to appreciate the enormous risk of being uninsured. And, observe their fellow Americans enjoying the benefits of the ACA in operation.

Repeal? Mostly Noise

The Affordable Care Act will not be without its critics. There are many who are philosophically oppose its premise and scope. Theirs is the challenge to create an alternative plan that genuinely addresses the needs of the uninsured, reduces cost, and protect middle class Americans from the excesses of insurance companies. In the meantime, the ACA is the only program that is addressing these important health care issues. Forget the voices calling for repeal. The ACA is here to stay.


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